Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Greasin’ The Landing [Landing Competition] @ CYYZ - 252300ZAUG18


Image by @CR3W

Are you READY for another landing competition? Well here it is! It’s time to butter the bread!

Flight Details

Server - Training Server 1 [TS1]
Aircraft - Bombarder CRJ200 [CRJ2]
Livery - Air Canada
Note: To receive a score you must be in the C200 with the Air Canada Livery
Departure Airport - Toronto Pearsons Intl’ [CYYZ]
Arival Airport - Montreal Internatinal Airport [CYUL]
Date - Saturday - August 25, 2018 [08/25/18]

Departure Time -

In Zulu Time: 2300Z
August 25, 2018 11:00 PM
Projected Flight time - 1 Hour [1HR]
August 26, 2018 12:00 AM
In Zulu Time: 2400Z

Please note: I am very new with the “Insert Date” feature. It could be wrong so please make sure to check the ZULU time. If its wrong for you please let me know via PM.


Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time

Listen to all instruction given by ATC or Staff members to make sure the event runs like butter.

Stick around to watch others land. Make sure to get photos!


How You Will Be Graded

Smoothness at Touchdown [1/10]

Center Line [1/10]

Distance from Touchdown Zone [1/10]

1 Go Around Allowed


No Passangers, Cargo. Only 2 Crew Members

You must be signed up before we take off to be scored.

Must not Troll


1st: x2 flight time for next 3 flights

2nd: x2 Flight time for the next flight

3rd: 2.5 hours


You Don’t Have To Be Apart Of ACVA To Join This Event

Gate B11 - @IanD
Gate B12 - @AsternAviation
Gate B13 - @Will_Ford_Jr
Gate B14 - @Moral_M
Gate B15 - @modifiedFedExplane
Gate B16 - @WaldoYLP
Gate B17 - @Harold_Lantos
Gate B18 - @HiFlyer
Gate B19 - @hi15td
Gate B20 - @Skywest1337
Gate B21 - @Pranjal_Agrawal
Gate B22 - @Philippe_Gilbert
Gate C24 - @Kevinsoto1502
Gate C25 - @OS921
Gate C26 - @AlaskaAirfireball111
Gate C27 - @Rynjil_H
Gate C28 - @Rick_Mahoney
Gate C29 - @leon332157
Gate C30 - 21cabbage
Gate C31 - @Alex_Lopresti
Gate C32 -
Gate C33 -

[More Gates Available]


Come Check Out Air Canada Virtual!


Our Thread: Air Canada Virtual Official: Recruiting Pilots

Our Website: Air Canada Virtual Airline Website

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is Not Responsible For Any Violation/Ghostings During This Event


I’ll take a gate :) for this event.

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I will take a gate please :)

Butter alert!
ACVA248 reportin!

Btw Xpira, you should put which day of the week it’s on ;)

I will take as part of ACVA a gate

I’ll snag a gate as well, ACVA122

I’ll take a spot

Just saying, the ICAO for the CRJ200 is ‘CRJ2’

Those pesky Cessnas took the C(Numbers) ICAO ;p


ACVA144 i will take a gate

ACVA174 here, this will be great I do this leg a lot should be fun. I’ll take a gate please

Do you guys need ATC? I’d be happy to provide tower and ground/approach services if you want them, if not I’ll take a gate

Great! As long as your good at keeping aircraft in good patterns.

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Put me down as a most likely

I should be able to be there, but I’m not 100% positive

ACVA203 reinging champ of ACVA landing comps

If the pilots listen I’m definitely proficient :) do you want tower and ground at both airports?

I’ll take a gate ACVA 205 Owen Leonard

I want to sign up for this event. ACVA 184

I’ll take a gate please

Gate 59 for me please!

ILL Take gate 60 please :)

@Xpira you have done the Universal Time Stamp 100% correctly. No issues!

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