Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Bringing Out The Best Of Canada

Looks amazing! best of luck!

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Very very neat looking thread, looks like the airline itself will be well-managed… I have taken the plunge and have applied - all the best to the ACVA crew and brass alike. Cheers.


I’m trying to apply and it’s not letting me put my nationality where you said to put it where your age is!

Can someone please help?

Very impressive imagine if a VA airlines could give pilots a real pilot schedule where to fly every week and they make a month schedule for you and give you the aircraft to fly with and you get test to write about an aircraft to get specified in flying it and they upgrade you from domestic to international pilot or even mix you’re schedule with domestic and international flights. And every 3 months they give you a date that you have to right a test to keep you worthy to fly for the airline.I think it will make it so.realistic as a VA and keep Pilots trained to the up most best and enjoy flying for the airline at the same time.

When I applied it was the same way, I just didn’t put one.

Sent my application, loved the look of this VA since I first saw it back in 2018, and have finally decided to join in!

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Applied Yesterday! Can’t wait to hear back!

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I applied last Wednesday and I’m still waiting for a response! 🙂

Hello! I’ll be applying, but I don’t want to use my real name, what do I put in?

Hey @Aviator_Ace, feel free to use your IFC name as your name!

-Natedog508 ACVA CEO


Let me check our recruitment channel to see the status of your applications. All applications have an answer in 48 hours so i’ll check it and then PM you :)

-Natedog508 ACVA CEO

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Ok got it!

I just applied!

I will be applying soon. I just looked at the routes and ACVA seems great.


I might join this VA when I get a new Pro Subscription, looks like a fun VA! (my current subscription runs out next month and can’t get a new one for a good bit of time.)

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Just applied!


3 days have passed for me to be informed if I’ve been accepted, I have not been contacted yet.


Hi there,

As noted at the end of our application form, please allow up to 48 hours for a response. You only applied 2 days ago, not 3.

Thanks, and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

-ACVA Staff

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Join us, it’s the best.