Air Canada Virtual Airline | A Trip North @ CYEG - 122400ZSEP18

It’s time to head north to Yellowknife. We will take our trusty Q400 in this event!

Flight Details:

Server - Expert [Expert]

Aircraft - Bombardiar DHC8-Q400 [DHC8]
- Livery - Air Canada

Departure Airport - Edmonton Intl’ [CYEG]

Flight Time - [1h 52m]

Arrival Airport - YellowKnife [CYZF]

Date - Wednesday September 12, 2018 [09/12/18]

Departure Time -
Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Zulu Time 2400Z

Time Conversons

PDT - 1700
EDT - 2000


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before or scedualed departure time

  • Runway for departure is expected to be 02 and runway for arrival into CYZF is expected to be 34. (May change due to weather condition at time of event.)

  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight. [3824 Kgs should be enough]

*Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.

  • After you land stick around for some NIFTY photos!

Flight Plan

CYEG MOOTO 5409N/11343W 5800N/11400W 6026N/11413W YZF CYZF

Cruising Speed - 259 knots [M 0.53]

Cruising Altitude - 24,000ft


You do not need to be in ACVA to partake in this event

Gate 52 @Xpira ACVA 003 |✔️|
Gate 54 @Gabe_Z CQ-NMN
Gate 58 @Rick_Mahoney ACVA197
Gate 62 @Pranjal_Agrawal ACVA 184 |✔️|
Gate 64 @hi15td ACVA 203 |✔️|
Gate 66 @leon332157 ACVA257 |✔️|
Gate 68 @WaldoYLP AVCA 122 ||
Gate 70 @AsternAviation ACVA 248 |✔️|
Gate 72 Empty
Gate 74 Empty
Gate 76 Empty

[More Gates Availible]

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Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.


I would like to participate this event!

What will your callsign be? Are you in ACVA? :)

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My callsign is “CQ-NMN”!
No, I am not in ACVA, I just want to have fun for event.

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Or I can just change to ACVA-01 for easier to recognize the callsign.

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No, it’s fine. Our president, @natedog508, already uses that callsign. CQ-NMN is fine. :)

Okay, see you this Wednesday

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I will take a gate - ACVA197


I would like to in ACVA 184. Could you add the world time? Not sure if my time conversion is correct.


ACVA203, I will be there, Yellowknife is a cool airport, and I have been there multiple times in IF


ACVA257 get me a gate please. I’ll try my best to attend:)


You can sign me up as well, ACVA 122


I’ll attend.

Of course you had to make it the DH8D


I see spelling, you mean participate?

No I mean “Partake.”




eat or drink (something).

“she had partaken of a cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee”

synonyms: consume, have, eat, drink, take, ingest, devour; More

join in (an activity).

“visitors can partake in golfing or clay pigeon shooting”

synonyms: participate in, take part in, engage in, join in, enter into, get involved in, share in, contribute to, play a part in, have a hand in, sit in on

"only senior officers are allowed to partake in the negotiations”

Oh, I learned a new vocabulary!

Couple more hours to the event!

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I will have to surrender my gate. Won’t be off work in time.


Bummer. Hope to see you next time. :)

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I am at the airport!