Air Canada Virtual | A New Look, But The Same VA

Nice job Shane!


Interesting… Best of Luck @Shane_Cullen


Glad to see some fresh faces added to the staff team. I wish you the best of luck @Shane_Cullen


Thank you guys!

Always welcome to join anytime in the future if you wish!! 🙃

Check out these photos from our Flash Flight Today!!!

Also keep a look out in #live:events for @Shane_Cullen’s post tonight. You wont want to miss this opportunity to participate in the first leg of something NEW.

Considering joining the VA? Check out the links below:



Just applied!Can’t wait to be apart of the team! (if I get accepted)


Looking forward to having you in the cockpit with us soon @Kaj! :)


Check out our event down below as we say farewell to our beloved Kai! We thank you Kai for everything you have accomplished in our VA and we wish you the best in the future.

We hope to see you there! Feel free to dm us with any questions and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible!

On behalf of the team at Air Canada Virtual Airlines


Thanks a heap guys!


Nice thread! I applied!


Staff update:

It is time that we say farewell to our beloved Flight Manager @Evan. CR3W has been here for an extended amount of time and we can’t thank him enough for everything he has brought to our VA.

This now means that we are on the search for a NEW FLIGHT MANAGER.
The role entails:
-Filing pireps in the Crew Center
-Answering questions related to flights and routes on our slack
-Working with out events manager when needed
-Adding new routes to the Crew Center when new routes are released in real life

Do you think it has what it takes to be our new flight manager?! If so apply HERE or on our websites “Apply” page. We look forward to seeing the applications that come in.

Applications close this Friday, May 31st.

Once again thank you CR3W for everything. You will be deeply missed.


New Staff Announcement!!!

We want to welcome @Mags885 as our new Flight Manager! He’s been on the team for around 5 days and we have already seen a huge increase in flight logs from our pilots and he has implemented many new ideas to the team. Some of those include a more efficient way to check flight log honesty and ideas on how to improve the VA which will be disclosed at a later date! We’d like to welcome him on our team and we look forward to seeing how we will improve our VA!


We have taken a long overdue break from IFC events and this will soon change. @Shane_Cullen, our events manager, has now made a schedule of events for the next 6 weeks! So keep an eye out in #live:events for our next event and we hope to see you there!

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to pm this account and/or our president @natedog508 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Happy summer everyone!!
~ACVA Management Team


I’ve already submitted an application! Can’t wait!



Skytrax 2019 results!!

Air Canada had amazing results at the Skytrax reward ceremonies! Here are all of the awards Air Canada placed #1 in!

Best Airline in North America
Best Business Class in North America
Best Airline Staff in Canada
Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness in North America

For the source of this information, click HERE

These are absolutely amazing stats!!! To celebrate Air Canada’s success this year, we will be having an event!! Keep an eye out on #live:events on Sunday for an event by @Shane_Cullen!! We want to see all of you come out and support the success of Air Canada this year at the skytrax awards!!

We are in no way affiliated with the Air Canada Corp. We just like Air Canada, a lot!


Do you guys do real routes or do you let pilots do their own routes.

They have set routes in their Crew Center that Pilots can fly with any Aircraft that they have unlocked at their Rank


Darn. That would have convinced me to join.

You can still join to see what it’s like. We have a lot of routes that you can fly.

Ok. I will consider it.