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Welcome To The Air Canada Virtual Airlines Official Thread!

Fellow aviation enthusiast, we are very excited to show off the completely redone Air Canada Virtual Airline!


Firstly, a message from the President himself:


Welcome to the Official Air Canada Virtual Airline thread! It’s my honor to be the President of this VA as we go through some major changes! Having been here since day one, all of my time has been spent as an upper management role so i have been able to see this VA go through some tough times and the only reason we got through them was because of the friendliness of the Staff and the Pilots themselves. If this is your first VA or your tenth, I can say from experience that you will feel welcome here immediately. We hope to have you aboard soon!

~ ACVA President Nate

Photo Credits: @ifaviationposts

Link to their Instagram: Click Here

We Are An IFVARB Approved Virtual Airline

“Travel, Explore, Experience | Vous voyagez, Vous explorez, Vous expérience”

image Our History

ACVA has been around since January of 2018. We had a great start and we grew rapidly. We will continue to thrive as long as our pilots are active. We recently went through a renovation. Our staff have been hard at work preparing a smooth realese of new content and scources. Weather it’s a new website, or badges it doesn’t matter. We will work hard and fast to get everything done as fast as possible.

image Our Staff

Here at the Air Canada Virtual, we have chose a team who dedicate their spare time to make ACVA a wonderful place! Our Staff & Admins have experience from multiple other VA’s and this makes us very unique. Click to see their names!

Staff Members
Name: Job: ACVA Callsign:
@natedog508 President ACVA001
@The_Geniusman Deputy President ACVA002
@Xpira Events Manager ACVA003
@CR3W Flight Manager ACVA004
Name: Job: ACVA Callsign:
@Velocity23 Recruitment Manager 1 ACVA005
@Shae_Lenae Recruitment Manager 2 ACVA006

image Requirements to join

We have changed the requirements to join our Virtual Airline! We are a VA for anyone to come and just fly and have fun as one big family, but we need to set standards for our Pilots.

To Apply, we ask for the following information from you:

Age (13+)
IF Grade 3+
Grade table (For proof and landings, Violations etc)

All pilots below these requirements currently in our VA can stay

image Communications

We communicate though the app, Slack. They’re moderated by our Staff constantly to ensure a clean and friendly environment.


Hey! You got Questions? We got answers! Click to see our most asked Questions

What are the requirements for pilots?

Here at the ACVA we are happy to facilitate all skill levels, but we ask that you are between the Grades of 3 - 5. You also must be over the age of 13


How active do I need to be?

We require our Pilots to log at least 1 Flight a week, if you can not achieve this, please message our Flight Manager as soon as possible


Do you have a Crew Centre?

We sure do! Follow click here to Sign-up!

Please Do Not Sign-up until you have joined our Slack.

Looking for Events? We have several that take place throughout the week and weekend!

Join our Slack for ACVA Flash Flights, and keep a look out in #live:events for @Xpira ’s well put together events.

Types Of Events:

Project Hometown - In this Event Series, we feature ACVA Member’s Hometown in the Infinite Flight World! This is our First “Project Hometown” Event

Landing Competitions - In this Event Series, we go from one Airport, to another where we score people based on their Landing Skills! We have a top 3 where they are awarded special prizes within the VA.

Out With The Old, In With The New - Here, we do Delivery flights of new Aircraft that are in service with Air Canada! Stay tuned for more…

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz or Air Canada Rouge.

Air Canada Virtual Airlines | A Fare Fight @ CYYC - 151700ZDEC18
[Leg One Complete] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Farewell Owen @CYOW - 081600ZDEC18
Air Canada Virtual | Hello Hawaii @ PHOG 261900ZDEC18
Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Project Hometown @CYQT - 051800ZJAN19

A new Website, thread and more!? Wow, Air Canada VA always over steps themselves 😃


Ooh! How exciting. And look at that website. 😱


What an amazing thread! These updates are amazing!


Nice looking thread, you guys. Sleek 😎
See you in the skies!


We hope all pilots are happy with the new updates. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! @MaximV and @Velocity23, welcome to the ACVA Staff team. Super glad to have you here :)


Nice thread guys!


Well well well…lookie here :) GREAT thread guys!!! And a great VA to be in I’m so proud to be with ACVA for this long! ACVA has it all pride, professionalism, and a great atmosphere;)


Great thread and site! Well done


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Thread looks amazing! Keep it up guys.


Hi, I would like to re-apply to ACVA because I was inactive. My callsign is ACVA217


Hi @IFaviationeldin

Please take a look at the top where you see “APPLY” and follow the promts there. Anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask, thanks!


Ah, ACVA, looking amazing, I have been in this VA the longest.


This is an amazing VA!


I sent the application, thank you guys!


ACVA now supplies all pilots the opportunity to take in house training sessions both one on one and specific skills
including ATC Communication,Specific aircraft type ratings and many more skills of flying in IF.
Aswell as offering both practical application of these skills we also provide the theory which supports the sessions vital skill sets.

  • Owen Castelli ACVA Head of Development



~Breaking Borders Partnership~

The Air Canada Virtual Airline is glad to announce that we are now officially partnered with American Airlines Virtual (AAVA) This has been in the works for quite some time so we are happy to finally announce it with all of you.

What This Partnership Entails:

This partnership will include two major things:

Codeshares -

We have each chosen 15 routes from the others airline! We chose some unique routes to make sure that we expanded our route network to the max. Check our routes below.

Codeshare Routes
Route Flight Number Aircraft
KSLC-KPHX AA450 (1B) A319
KMSY-KLAX AA1030 (E) B738
PHOG-KTUL AA9642 (B) B772
CYYZ-KJFK AA3386 (B) B737
MSLP-KMIA AA1494 (1A) B738
EGPH-KJFK AA279 (A) B752
LKPR-KPHL AA53 (1) B767


These Routes Will Be Added To The Cr3w Center Soon

Events -

We will be having one event every month! These will feature our codeshare routes, flying to our favorite hubs and more!! Keep an update on #live:events for our first event.

We are glad to finally have an amazing VA to partner with. We look forward to seeing what this partnership does for our VAs. If you with to participate in our Flash Flight to commence our partnership, look below:

Flash Flight Details:

Time of Event: 0100Z / 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST (15 minutes)
Starting ICAO: KORD
Aircraft: Airbus A321 American Airlines or Air Canada Liveries
Flight-plan: Copy From Event Leaders
Gates: Spawn at the H Concourse


Looks Great! I know Nate has been working on this for a long time and I am super happy to see two great VAs work together on an amazing partnership. Best of luck and hope to see an expansion in the future :)


Were you that A380 who spawned? You looked confused lol