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Welcome To The Air Canada Virtual Airlines 1 Year Anniversary Special Thread!

Fellow aviation enthusiast, we are very excited to show off one year of the ACVA!!


Firstly, a message from the President himself:

Welcome to the official Air Canada Virtual Airlines thread. It’s my privilege to be leading this VA after being a staff member since day 1! After being in charge for almost half a year, i have seen this VA at our bottom and the only reason we got out of it is because of the team i am so fortunate enough to work with! What i have realized is no matter if this is your third or your first time being in a VA, you will feel welcome here. Thank you for checking out our VA and i hope to see you aboard soon!

ACVA President @natedog508

image We Are An IFVARB Approved Virtual Airline

“Travel, Explore, Experience | Vous voyagez, Vous explorez, Vous expérience”

Air Canada Virtual Airlines was founded in January of 2018 by Sean Hickey. He brought together a team of 5 individuals from many different VA’s with many different talents. Within 5 days of opening we had over 25 active pilots and were immediately making an impact in the community. In June of 2018, Sean decided that it was best if he moved on and put the VA in the hands of Nate. Since then, we have made many staff changes, updates & more all for the improvement of the VA’s quality by following the saying, “quality over quantity.” That is something we believe in and stick to every day as we add things to improve this VA!

That’s our past, now onto the present!

Here at the Air Canada Virtual, we have chose a team who dedicate their spare time to make ACVA a wonderful place! Our Staff & Admins have experience from multiple other VA’s and this makes us very unique. Click to see their names!

Staff Members
Name: Job: ACVA Callsign:
@natedog508 President ACVA001
@The_Geniusman Deputy President ACVA002
@Xpira Events Manager ACVA003
@Evan Flight Manager ACVA004
@KaiM Recruitment Manager 1 ACVA005
@Shae_Lenae Recruitment Manager 2 ACVA006

We have changed the requirements to join our Virtual Airline! We are a VA for anyone to come and just fly and have fun as one big family, but we need to set standards for our Pilots.

To Apply, we ask you to meet the following requirements:

Age (13+)
IF Grade 3+
As proof we ask for a photo of your Grade table

Hey! You got Questions? We got answers! Ask questions below for a response from a staff member or click below to see our most asked Questions

What are the requirements for pilots?

Here at the ACVA we are happy to facilitate all skill levels, but we ask that you are between the Grades of 3 - 5. You also must be over the age of 13


How active do I need to be?

We require our Pilots to log at least 1 Flight a week, if you can not achieve this, please message our Flight Manager as soon as possible


Do you have a Crew Centre?

We sure do! Follow click here to Sign-up!

Please Do Not Sign-up until you have joined our Slack.


What do you use for communications?

We communicate though the app, Slack. The channels are moderated by our Staff constantly to ensure a clean and friendly environment.

Looking for Events? We have several that take place throughout the week and weekend!

Join our Slack for ACVA Flash Flights, and keep a look out in #live:events for @Xpira ’s well put together events.

Types Of Events:

Project Hometown - In this Event Series, we feature ACVA Member’s Hometown in the Infinite Flight World! This is our First “Project Hometown” Event

Landing Competitions - In this Event Series, we go from one Airport, to another where we score people based on their Landing Skills! We have a top 3 where they are awarded special prizes within the VA.

Out With The Old, In With The New - Here, we do Delivery flights of new Aircraft that are in service with Air Canada! Stay tuned for more…


~Breaking Borders Partnership~

We at the Air Canada Virtual are happy to announce that we have struck a partnership deal with American Airlines Virtual and needless to say, it was certainly a great choice to partner with the AAV. We hope our Pilots love it too! This partnership is bringing codeshares, events and more, 2019 is looking great for both VAs.

What Does This Partnership Entail?

Codeshares -

We have each chosen 15 routes from the others airline! We chose some unique routes to make sure that we expanded our route network to the max. Check our routes below.

Codeshare Routes
Route Flight Number Aircraft
KSLC-KPHX AA450 (1B) A319
KMSY-KLAX AA1030 (E) B738
PHOG-KTUL AA9642 (B) B772
CYYZ-KJFK AA3386 (B) B737
MSLP-KMIA AA1494 (1A) B738
EGPH-KJFK AA279 (A) B752
LKPR-KPHL AA53 (1) B767


These Routes Will Be Added To The Cr3w Center Soon

Events -

We will be having one event every month! These will feature our codeshare routes, flying to our favorite hubs and more!! Keep an update on #live:events for our first event.

Thank you for reading through our thread. We hope to see you aboard soon! -ACVA Management Team

Air Canada Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz or Air Canada Rouge.


Our one year anniversary is next week, January 14th!

We can’t believe it’s already been a year! Stay tuned for an event on Sunday to celebrate & more!


I applied, hopefuly I get accepted :D


I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since we opened our doors and took off! We’ve come a far way and i can’t wait to see how much further we go!

@max7777, one of our recruitment managers will contact you as soon as they can :)


Just got on with the company but really loving it!


Congratulations on your 1-year anniversary!


Glad you’re ‘loving it’ Mark! Glad to have you on the team :)

Thanks Gabe!

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Congrats so glad to be with You guys from the Beginning

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Congratulations on One Year ACVA!


Our one year anniversary event has been posted!

Check out the event here:

Also, stay tuned for other fun activities, event and flash flights posted throughout next week all the way up to January 21st by our amazing Event’s Manager, @Xpira and maybe your favorite unicorn!

We have 3 full days till our one year anniversary on Monday and we can’t wait! Thank you to everyone that’s helped us throughout this journey. We wouldn’t be in this position without you and we can’t thank you enough!

~ACVA Management Team

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Are there any staff openings?

Currently we don’t have any staff openings. However, a good way to become staff would be to join the VA and work up some seniority. Let me know if you have any questions :)

365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes & 31,536,000 seconds later…

We have turned one! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that has helped us get to this point. We are so grateful for all of you and we couldn’t be here without you. However, this is just the beginning of the VA and we look forward to continuing serving the community! Thank you all for everything.
~ ACVA Management Team


Congratulations guys! Its awesome to hear you guys turning 1! We wish you the best from ASVA!


365 days ago we opened the doors to this VA! So can I just say happy anniversary! When I was asked in late October of 2017 to start creating a VA, I without a doubt said yes and we started working on it in early October of 2017 with a few other members, one of which is @Geniusman [Deputy President], the other remaining original staff team member. When these doors opened one year ago, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what I was walking into. All of the resources and opportunities that were given to me have since helped me learn so much about aviation flying that I didn’t even learn from actually flying!!! But of course all of these amazing memories that have been made here in the past year weren’t easily made. It took a lot of hours, sweat, not gonna lie I’ve shed a few tears, and at least 3 sleepless nights all for the purpose of making an amazing, friendly and open community for all. Now we are here and have served over 200 pilots, we’ve had over 2500 logged flights and we have created a community I could’ve never imagined was possible to create. Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point. We truly wouldn’t be here without you! I can hardly believe it’s already been a year and it is still just the beginning! Here is to many more. Cheers everyone 🍻 Happy Anniversary ACVA!!



We here at ACVA are incredibly thrilled to have Tyler have a whole day dedicated to us turning 1!

Join us today! We will be looking over applications to allow pilots time to join the VA so YOU can get started with us, and get a few hours and ranks up in preparation for the big celebration tomorrow!




I still don’t know who makes those cool banners lol


It’s insane to see what the va has grown into!
I remember clearly the all-nighters me and Nate pulled to get this va going! We had NEVER thought it would grow to be this amazing va.
Looking amazing guys!
Love always - Sean


ACVA’s FNF Featured Routes!!

This week we will be sharing out internal featured routes with you, the public! This week we feature two flights out of Toronto, with two liveries, to two American cities!

The flights are as follows:

Embraer E175
Air Canada Livery
Flight Time: 1 hour
Log number 706, 708 or 710 (for ACVA pilots on the crew center)

You might be asking, air canada doesn’t fly to JFK. That is where our codeshares with @AmericanVirtual come into play!
Boeing 737
Any American Airlines Livery
Flight Time: 1 hour
Log number: 3386 (B) (for ACVA pilots on the crew center)

Want to check out the full list of codeshare routes with American Virtual? Click HERE

Safe Flying Tomorrow Pilots!


Applied, fingers crossed

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