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Nice Virtual Airline, sucess and congratulations for all!


Thanks for you kind words they are always appreciated!

Staff update:

We are adding 2 new members to our team, @Xpira and @Evan. @Xpira will be replacing our dear @Balloonchaser as Events Manager. @Evan is replacing @OC212 and he will be moving to Head of Development. And last but not least, our new Deputy President is @The_Geniusman! To clarify it, here is the list of new roles.

@natedog508 - President
@The_Geniusman - Deputy President
@Xpira - Events Manager
@Evan - Flight Manager
@OC212 - Head of Development

@Balloonchaser, we thank you for the help and support you gave us and we wish you the best of luck with your new General Aviation Club! We are super excited to have the new members on our team along with the past ones and we hope this new team will help us continue running this VA to the best of our ability. We thank you all!

-ACVA Staff team


It’s going to be hard to follow in the footsteps of such a great member. @Balloonchaser but I’ll try my best.


So, this is an amazing surprise that I woke up to this morning! 😊

I would just like to say thank you to all the Staff at ACVA for the tremendous work, and for taking me to have on board the Staff Team here!

Special thanks to:

For all you guys have done!

But, that’s not all. @Balloonchaser,

Thank you for all you’ve done for ACVA, and I wish you nothing but the best for IFGAC! ❤️

Lastly, congratulations to @Xpira for the role of Events Manager! Can’t wait to see all the Events you have planned 🙃


Just post my application for ACVA looking forward to being on the team.

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As you may know, @Balloonchaser left his role here in the ACVA to start his own Infinite Flight Club. We want to thank him with an event dedicated to him. I personally thank him for what he did for us and so does the rest of the ACVA. Check out this event if you want to sign up:


You know what, I have not found one VA that is inclusive like this one and anyone can join. They offer the training for Grades 1-2, no age limit. Even though I am not from Canada, I would feel proud to be part of something like this!


Thank you for your kind words they are always appreciated

New event series! Check it out:

I just sent an application. Hope I make it in!

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Don’t forget to sign up for the core-6 event this week as we fly to our hub, CYYZ! If you are not apart of the ACVA but would like to fly with us for this event, feel free to do so! Just comment on the thread listed below that you’d like to fly with the ACVA and use an “Air Canada” callsign. Hope to see you all there! -ACVA Staff team

Core-6 thread: [Completed | 150 Pilots Attended] Core-6 Joint Event | #3 | AMSTERDAM - TORONTO @ EHAM - 181500ZAUG18 || Powered By LiveFlight


I am proud to be a member of ACVA, the largest Canadian VA.

For those of you out there, i highly recommend joining Air Canada Virtual. The ranking system is very easy and here at ACVA we have the kindest members and staff.

-SpeedPlayz - “Proud to be an ACVA Pilot”

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Tomorrow i leave on a 10 day trip with my school to the Rockies in Colorado. This means no internet which means that our COO, @The_Geniusman, will be filling in and taking my duties until then! I’m sure the VA will be in great hands with the rest of the staff and our staff helpers while i am gone. For any questions or concerns regarding the ACVA, please contact @The_Geniusman while i am gone. If their are any concerns that you think i need to deal with while i am gone, obviously pm me, just expect a delayed response. Thanks everyone and i’ll see you all on the 31st!
Signing off for now,



Our wonderful @natedog508 is back and ready to work! Let’s welcome him back :)

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Although I am not part of this VA; Welcome back @natedog508 !


We are in the air and headed to Hawaii! Track us Here!

Event Thread
ACVA Thread

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Beautiful…have fun in Hawaii.

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Sorry we have been inactive recently. We are working on some new projects! These projects will help our va with flight logs, pilot activity and an overall better time and experience for our pilots. We are excited to announce these projects within the next week. Stay tuned!