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Welcome To The Air Canada Virtual Official Thread!

My fellow aviation enthusiasts, we are delighted to announce the New & Improved Air Canada Virtual Airline.

To Apply - Check Out Our Website

Firstly a message from our President {@natedog508}

Welcome to the Air Canada Virtual’s Thread. Thank you for considering the ACVA as your Virtual Airline. We have a large community of active and awesome people who I am glad to call our pilots. We have recently been growing fast and are now at over 100 active pilots! @Seanhickey465, the first CEO of the ACVA, always strove for quality over quantity and I will continue to stand for that as we continue to grow.
See you in the skies,


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Photo Credits: @Balloonchaser

We Are IFVARB Approved

“Travel, Explore, Experience; Vous voyagez, Vous explorez, Vous expérience”

Our Staff

Here at the Air Canada Virtual we have a close team of 4 on at all minutes of spear time helping out our pilots with any questions that need an answer. Our staff members have experience from multiple other VA's and this makes us very unique.

President ~ @natedog508


Deputy President ~ @The_Geniusman
Events Manager ~ @Xpira
Flight Manager ~ @Evan
Head of Development ~ @OC212

Requirements to join

There are NO requirements. You can join at any Infinite Flight grade and any age. If you want to join, check out our apply page on our website.

Live Pilot Count

Updated weekly, this is the current amount of pilots we have in our VA.

Live Pilot Count

Pilot number = 111

Ranks and Fleet

We have a fleet of 15 aircraft from all the major airplane manufactures. Whatever the route length we have the perfect aircraft for you!
Ranks and Fleet

Ranks and Fleets
Trainee: DH8D & E175 - After Passing Training Course
Cadet: E190 & CRJ2 - 5 Hours
Rookie: CRJ900 - 15 Hours
Second Officer: A319 & B737 - 30 Hours
Senior Second Officer: A321 - 50 Hours
First Officer: B763 & A333 - 80 Hours
Senior First Officer: B772 & B788 - 120 Hours
Captain: B77W & B789 - 200 Hours
Senior Captain: B742 - 325 Hours
Commander: DC-10 - 500 Hours

List with photos can be found on our websites “Fleet and Ranking System” Page


As you work up our ranks, you’ll be able to travel half way across the world. You can check out our full list of our routes on our website:


Our main form of communication is slack. Our slack channels are moderated 24 hours a day insuring things get done as quickly and safely as possible.

Flight Training

It is mandatory for new pilots grade 1 or 2 to take a short flight training lesson. If they need help, links and general advice can be given. If anyone grade 3,4 or 5 want to take it, they can contact our flight trainer if they’d like.


Do I need to pay for any features at all?
Nope, none at all. If someone asks for money its not us!

What are the requirements for pilots?
Here at the ACVA we are happy to facilitate all skill levels, although if your under Grade 3 you will need to go through training before logging flights.

How active do I need to be?
Our pilots must log at least one flight a week. If you need a break longer than this, message a staff member.

Is there a crew center?
There is a pilot center in the works so stay tuned for that.

Future Events

Exploring the North

These events will be open to both Air Canada Pilots along with guests. We will fly to “underused” airports in North America, but specifically Canada.

Past Events:
[Finished] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The North Vol. 1 @ CYWG - 172000ZFEB18
[Closed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The North Vol. 2 @ TNCM - 241800ZFEB18
[CLOSED] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The True North Vol. 3 @ CYYZ - 031700ZMAR18
[Postponed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The True North Vol. 4 @ CYVR - 101700ZMAR18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Exploring The True North Vol. 5 @ CYYZ - 172000ZMAR18

Internal and Random Events

These events are scheduled on our slack page and are available to all of our pilots. They are held every Wednesday.

Past Events:
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Cheers To The (Half) Year @ CYOW - 141800ZJUL18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Farewell My Galway Girl @ CYUL - 201530ZJUN18
[COMPLETED] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | FlightSimExpo Charter @ CYYZ - 062230ZJUN18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Celebrating Air Canada Express's Birthday @ CYZD - 032200ZMAY18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Adventure to PIE @ CYYZ - 142100ZMAR18
[CLOSED] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Bye Bye Balloonchaser @ CYYZ - 041700ZAUG18 - #23 by natedog508
[CLOSED]ACVA Flash Event @MMDO - 011930ZAUG18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Cheers To The (Half) Year @ CYOW - 141800ZJUL18 - #34 by Balloonchaser
[CLOSED] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | A Walk Through The Past @ CYVR - 81700ZSEP18

Landing Competition

These competitions are where pilots will fly from one destination to another and will be judged based on their landings and the top 3 landings get a prize of some sorts.

Past Events:
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Butter Alert [Landing Competition] @ CYUL - 161700ZJUN18

Fill Up Events

These events are self explanatory. We will try and fill up our hubs. Once a month this event will be held as it takes a long time to plan.

Past Events:
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Fill The Airport Vol.1 | Toronto International Airport @ CYYZ - 282000ZAPR18

Air Canada Weekend Getaway

These are events where Air Canada flies to nice places anywhere in the world. Short haul to extra long haul. This event can be anything!

Past Events:
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Louisiana Cruisin’ @ CYYZ - 072000ZAPR18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Lost In Bermuda @ CYYZ - 142000ZAPR18

Wednesday Charters

These events will be every other Wednesday and this is when we transport Canadian sports teams to their destination in support for the team.

Past Events:
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Wednesday Charters Vol. 1 @ CYYZ - 182345ZAPR18
[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Wednesday Charters Vol. 2 @ CYYZ - 092345ZMAY18

Core-6 Joint Event

This is a limited time event run and created by @Balloonchaser. We will have 4 legs featuring pilots from the ACVA, AF-KLM, AAVA, BAVA, DLVA and UVA groups. Our first event we tallied over 120 pilots in attendance!

Past Events:
[Completed - 100+ Attended] Core-6 Joint Event | #1 | NEW YORK - LONDON @ KJFK - 011500ZJUL18

Out With The Old, In With The New

This is a new series where we deliver the planes Air Canada has on order and we deliver the older planes that they are not using anymore to the boneyards.

Past Events:
Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Out With The Old In With The New @ KBFI - 081700ZAUG18
[In Air] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Out With The Old; In With The New Pt. 2 @CYMX 111700ZUAUG18

IFATS Partnerships

We are glad to announce our partnership with IFATS. We can’t wait to explore this amazing aspect of Infinite Flight!

Thank you for scrolling through our thread. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments or pm @AirCanadaVaOfficial or our CEO, @natedog508. Thank you!

The ACVA is in no way affiliated with real Air Canada Airline.


Nice looking new thread!


I’m so happy to be apart of this VA! The CEO is incredibly friendly, and fun to be around! The staff work around the clock to insure everything operates smoothly!

110% worth joining ;)


This VA is a great place to be if your looking for one! It’s been an amazing experience and everyone is friendly. 🇨🇦


Along with being professional, we all like to have fun as one family, team and airline! And today was a good time as it was turn the staff into a meme featuring dogs. This was a clear winner in our eyes...

Photo Credits: @AZA.DAL.610


@Balloonchaser The events manager for this VA and has a incredible sense of humor


That… Is accurate lol XD


Hmmm…I wonder who came up with the idea to post this on IFC this time around? 🤔

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I sent in my application! I hope I get in!


Sent a application looks really good 🇨🇦


Nice thread, Nate. I love acva!


Staff Openings:

I am sad to announce that @Balloonchaser will be dropping his spot as events manager as of the 1st of August as he is opening up a new club! But don’t worry, he will stick around as a pilot! On that note we are opening not 1 but 2 staff roles. Deputy President and Events manager. The Events manager will be trained by Jack, @Balloonchaser, to make sure the new person knows all of our current event series’ and protocol on when to post an event. The Deputy President will be my second hand man. This spot will be taken into extra seriousness when i choose as this person will have a major responsibility. To apply click the tab below:

Once there click on the “Staff” button and fill out the form. We will choose the winners by Saturday.

Even if you're not a part of the ACVA, you can still apply! Best of luck to everyone!


I applied for a staff position, no one got back to me, I applied I believe two days ago,


They are probably waiting to get a sufficient amount of responses in order to determine who will fill the empty staff position. With that being said, be patient and wait until an official announcement is made.


As said above the winner will me announced on Saturday


As this is us a variety of candidates


I have submitted an application you should be able to see it

I also filled in a pilots application

Yes we can see that you summited a application the lucky applicant will be announced on Saturday!

Sorry for the late notice but applications will be open till NEXT Saturday as I am gone Sunday-Thursday and want to be there the first week of the new staff members. Thank you for your cooperation. -Nate

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Update on new staff:

The new members will be announced tomorrow. As we have over 20 applicants, we are making sure we choose the right person. Sorry again for the delay. Talk to you all tomorrow. -Nate

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