Air Canada to start Montréal to Cairo!

Air Canada Announces Non-Stop Service to Cairo, Egypt

Air Canada announced that they will begin flights to Cairo, Egypt from Montréal, Canada!

Montréal (YUL) to Cairo (CAI)

  • Flight will begin on June 17, 2021, and it will be suspended on October 29, 2021, and it will be the first Air Canada non-stop flight from Canada to Egypt.

  • This flight will be operated by the Air Canada Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner.

  • EgyptAir currently is flying from Cairo to Toronto 3x weekly, and for a short period of time, EgyptAir had service to Montréal from Cairo, but it was canceled in 2009.

  • This flight will cover 5,436mi (8,748km) and it will take 10hrs and 5min to cover YUL-CAI and it will be around 11hrs to complete the leg back home, CAI-YUL.

  • Air Canada plans on departing Montréal at 6:20 PM, and arriving in Cairo at 10:25 AM the next day. For the return leg, the flight will leave Cairo at 12:00 PM, and will arrive in Montréal at 5:00 PM


Air Canada Adds Flights to Cairo, Egypt
“black and white Air Canada airplane”

What are your guy’s thoughts on this new route? Do you think it will do well? Let me know down below!


This is not that bad of a route! Hopefully it works out

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I agree @MJP_27 I might do this route in IF

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My question is, why is Air Canada suspending the service on October 29th?

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Likely a summer-only route. 🙂


nice non-generic route this one, see myself flying it in IF later

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A new think for my home airport

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As Pingu said, it’ll be seasonal so it stops on October 29 which is at the end of the IATA summer season. If Air Canada considers it good enough to keep flying, they’ll bring it back next year.


Let me add this to my routes list :)

I really don’t think this will be a good route because Montreal is a smaller town then Toronto or Vancouver.

At least I think so, (smaller cities = less demand)

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I hope it succeeds! It’s close to the Canadian capital, Ottawa, and rather than flying into Ottawa and only getting a bit of passenger traffic from locals around there, Montreal would be the best option for both Montreal locals as well as Ottawa locals. If that makes sense lmao

So by your logic, ORD-PEK (Beijing) and ORD-PVG (Shanghai) would’ve been economic successes, right? They were actually cut due to low demand and were costing AA more money to run than what they profited from the routes

thank you @Delta319 for enlightening me about this situation


For what it’s worth, AA faced competition from other carriers like United, China Eastern, and Hainan Airlines so there was likely an excess of capacity that led to American abandoning those routes first.

Montreal to Cairo on other hand will only be served by Air Canada. Typically, smaller cities do have less demand, but there are historically strong ties between Montreal and Egypt.

From the Wiki: Egyptian Canadians - Wikipedia

During the 1960s, 75% of Egyptian immigrants settled in Montreal. By 1991, 49% of Egyptian Canadians were in Quebec, whereas 41% were living in Ontario. By 2011, 54% of Egyptian Canadians were living in Ontario and 31% in Quebec. Most Egyptian Canadians are concentrated in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.


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