Air Canada Suspends All Flights To The Caribbean and Mexico Until May

The flag carrier of… Canada, of course Air Canada said today that they will suspend all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico due to government restrictions. They say:

“Air Canada believes a collaborative approach with the Government of Canada involving all air carriers is the best means to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially given concerns around the variants of COVID- 19 and travel during the Spring Break period. Through consultation we have established an approach that will allow us to achieve an orderly reduction in service to these destinations that minimizes the impact on our customers and will support important public health goals to manage COVID-19. System-wide the incremental impact on Air Canada’s cash burn is not material given the already reduced levels of passenger traffic resulting from COVID-19 and travel restrictions,” said Calin Rovinescu, President and Chief Executive Officer at Air Canada.

I am interested to see where this could take them as they rely on leisure travel to these destinations.

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Dang. Another Canadian Airline suspending ops to Mexico and the Caribbean. Interesting what is going to happen as time goes on.

You forgot the until May, but it is interesting…

Same happened to Swoop, WestJet and any other Canadian carrier that flies to either of the regions unfortunately.

Swoop plans of getting their routes back by the end of April.

Yes :(

WestJet Suspends All Flights To The Caribbean And Mexico Until May
Air Transat Suspends All Operations Until May

You really needed to post multiple topics of the same topic, well it’s okay since it’s about Canada 🤫


San Jose in Costa Rica to Toronto still in operation? because thats close to Mexico

What can I say except I called it:

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