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Question I’m going to be choosing my seats for a AC trip I’ll be flying on the 77L and the A333 does anyone know what row is behind the wing? For the aircrafts?

Check out seat guru. It’s a great resource

I heard from a few people it wasn’t accurate? In terms where the exact seat was

If you want to know about rows then I don’t see why it could be inaccurate. Maybe so regarding benefits/downsides.

Doesn’t Air Canada have a seat diagram in their site when you book?

You could always check while booking where the seats are.

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If it shows overwing exit rows, go a few rows back maybe? You’ll need to look at an image of the aircraft probably.

It’s not totally accurate but I would say it’s close enough.

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You can also check choose your seat when you book your tickets. it will give you an accuarate diagram of the airplane

Thanks all :)

Select your aircraft and those pictures are accurate from what I have found…

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