Air Canada’s Livery on the Boeing 787

The air canada 787 livery is wrong. The actual plane has more black. Especially around the windshield (is it called a windshield on a plane?)
Oh shoot this is already a topic and I forgot how to delete posts ima get flagged no!

The 787 AC liveries in IF are the old Livery. You can vote for the new one here:

You won’t necessarily get flagged for posting a post that doesn’t hold as much value as you thought it would initially.

Your best bet going in the future is to utilize the search bar, and search for what you’re looking for, the answer to your question. And when searching for the answer, don’t go monotone and search: Air Canada Livery, but also try; 787 Air Canada Livery, Air Canada 787-9 Livery, Air Canada New Livery Air Canada 787 New Livery or New Livery 787, switch up the orientation of the words in your search to maximize your chances of finding a topic related to your question.

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