Air Canada Rouge VA HIRING STAFF!

Hey guys! It’s me SYBTGS. So I was thinking the whole night about starting a VA and I got an idea of starting Air Canada Rouge VA.I just wanted to share this with y’all and I wanted to know your opinion on this so that I can continue my journey with this VA.Thanks :)


Sounds cool. There is already an Air Canada VA so you could perhaps partner with them in some way :)

Oh sure :) Dm me for the discord link and my friend will be making the crew centre real quick :D

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Just out of curiosity, how are you making the crew centre? I’m currently making a VO with one of my friends and I’m unsure of how to get a crew centre up and running

With the help of wix or you can ask a 3rd party dev to make you one I suggest iCrew Systems.

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Hello! Please note that in order to promote your virtual airline on the community, your VA needs to be IFVARB approved. You may find out more about the IFVARB at When you’re in the approval process, you can post requests for staff in this thread linked below:


Oh I’m soo sorry 😐

Air Canada Rouge is also under ACVA, we fly their aircraft :) Feel free to join if you’re interested!

Check out highlighted post above