Air Canada Rouge over the Bahamas

So I flew from TNCC to CYYZ with an Air Canada Rouge a319. I don’t know if this is a real route so let’s just say Air Canada ran out of planes so they used an Air Canada Rouge for the route.
Anyway, I took off and flew over the Caribbean. And that’s why I’m here right now, showing you pictures of Bahamas… (with the Air Canada Rouge a319 of course)
App crashed right after touchdown so that sucks… but let’s jump into the few pics I made for you guys over the Bahamas.

Flight Details

Route 🧭: Hato intl (TNCC 🇨🇼) - Toronto Pearson intl (CYYZ 🇨🇦)
Flight Time ⏰: 4 and a half hours💀

Livery 🎨: Air Canada Rouge
Aircraft ✈️: a319-100


This was over Haïti actually.
Here we turn towards our desired destination

Just cruisin’ :)

Nice view of the gorgeous blue waters 🐠

Nice wing view 🏝

Another turn towards our desired destinations, towards Canada!

Well that’s all folks! It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.
Hope y’all enjoyed and I hope to see you around✨☀️


Wow absolutely gorgeous 😍

The Carribean and the light blue ocean is beautiful and so is the Air Canada Rouge livery! Great shots!

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Thank you😄
I absolutely love the blue water colours


The contrast of red on blue is just amazing 😍

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I thought these were real photos x) then I asked myself “wait, how could they take photos from the outside?” and realized with the wing pic that it was from IF. :’)

They’re amazing!

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Love the wing flex on the wing view!

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I absolutely love the wingflex of the a320 family 🙌

@rlbg13 really shows how realistic IF is. And thank you for the compliment😊

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Wow good job 👏🏻

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Beautiful shots! The AC Rouge livery compliments the crystal water so well

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@Alex_Kraz check these nice water shots!


The Bahamas is just perfect.

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Thank you 😊

Thanks @CR3W!
That red fits indeed perfectly with that blue

@LordNC i know right!🏝

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Love flying there in the sim and irl.

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Watching those islands and coral reefs from above is just amazing

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