Air Canada Rouge | A321-200

AIR CANADA rouge - AIRBUS A321-200

Photo Credits: © | Melanie Neidermeier

Air Canada Rouge:

(IATA: RV - IACO: ROU) - Air Canada rouge

Air Canada Rouge, is a low-cost airline and subsidiary of Air Canada. The airline was launched in 2012 and began services on July 1, 2013, as part of the Air Canada Leisure Group and was used to compete more efficiently with Air Transat, Sunwing, and WestJet in the leisure and vacation travel market, largely operating routes to Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Air Canada Rouge has 5 A321’s with 1 more on order for a total of 6 A321’s.

My Opinion:

I have seen this livery in real life and I have to say that Rouge itself is one of my favorite airlines. I really like the A321 and B763 livery on it though. But that might just be because those are the ones that I have flown with or really liked when I saw it.

It Would Be Nice If This Finds It’s Way Into Infinite Flight Through An Upcoming Update…;)

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Wikipedia: Air Canada Rouge
Logo: Air Canada Rouge

Wow 😍 Beautiful, I’ve seen it fly to Vegas Once From Montreal, youve got a vote!


Now that’s a great livery request! I might just go and change one of my votes. 😍🤩


If this is a @Balloonchaser request I think we can expect something good, and it is one of my favorite liveries what more do you want for my vote?


Yes please! This would be such a good addition!


Maybe this can be added with the Air Canada (New Livery) A321-200 that is coming in a upcoming update… ;)


I’d love to see this! I use to be a Station manager for Air Canada in Anchorage during the summers and we always fly the Rouge jets here

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I would like to see that happen. I guess I almost want it to happen. =)


Why do you have all the cool jobs? I just teach kids how to float… Lol… 😂


It would be interesting seeing this livery in the A321, but for me looks better on the 763. Got my vote tho ☝🏻☝🏻


Its looks very nice with the sharklets, but I would love to see this on the a321NEO even though they didn’t order them.


I want to.
This should come along with the ACA A321 in the New Livery that should be coming out in the next update
That would be amazing

Out of votes though, unfortunately

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This is an amazing livery and quite frankly better than Air Canada’s mainline livery so that’s a big yes from me

Looks AWESOME! I wonder what “rogue” means in terms of Air Canada?

EDIT: it means red in french

By the way it is “rouge” not “rogue”. Sorry haha my inner speller got me there. What ever a speller is.

Alright gonna vote for this!👍

This plane is great; not too fancy on the inside, but I’ve flown on it many times. KSAN-CYYZ

I’m actually flying it in 20 days


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I love this livery on the A321! It looks so Beautiful and Vibrant! Definately worth a vote! :)

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Mmmmmmm sharklets they have a special place in my hart

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Oh Canada, our home and native land…

Yes I know, I’m Swiss (trittst im Morgenrot daher, etc) but I love Canada. I spent only 10 days over there, and I know that I’m going to return for sure. What a great country. Great people, beautiful cities and a magnificent landscape. It reminded me of Switzerland, but it was different. In a positive way. To summarize it: I was flabbergasted.

And the airlines over there are great as well! Air Canada, WestJet, Porter… Great Service!

But I drift away: Great livery! So rouge! Would be a wonderful addition to the game. I’m out of votes though, but I see there are already plenty of them.