Air Canada Reveals First A220

Air Canada’s livery just fits everything!

It looks beautiful!! I love it! Can’t wait for it.

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If anyone is wondering, the first routes are Montreal-Seattle and Toronto-San Jose. Also, Calgary-Montreal is added, so I can see it early!!!

Toronto to San Jose:

Yeah, I knew that. I was wondering why it was Vancouver when it first said Toronto.

Black+Red= Beautiful

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Hope to see it have some flights to CYXU, I’d love to see that beauty approach over my home town!

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They’re replacing Air Canada’s E190s. I don’t think they’re replacing the AC Express E175s, a lot of those have been repainted recently so I don’t think they plan on ridding them for a while.

Also this puts a new meaning to calling the C-Series the baby Dreamliner.

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While I’d like to see the Air Canada A220 at DFW (Heck, we already have Delta’s A220 on like 5+ routes), a jump from 76 to 137 seats is quite a lot.

I believe that they will be replacing the aging A320 series routes? Before the A220 order I thought Air Canada was going to buy the A320NEOs, it seems easier to train new pilots on the NEOs than the A220. I look forward to flying on these beautiful new jets.


Air Canada is using the Airbus A220-300 to replace their E190s and some of their older A320s so that those can moved to AC Rouge. If Air Canada is satisfied with the performance of the A220, they said they would order more -300s and storngly consider ordering -100s to replace their E175s for their fleet renewal plan.

Your welcome 😉

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