Air Canada Reveals First A220

So it finally happened. I am going to be leaving out a bunch of context as it is unneeded. However, look at this beauty. Air Canada has dropped the livery for its new A220. I think it is beautiful.

The new A220 is said to help expand regional routes for the Canadian airline, and even try larger international routes with less demand.

In the words of JohnTron,


And with that, I will leave you to it.


That looks awesome! Great post, hopefully I’ll be able to fly on that one time even though I live in the United States 😂


Spicy 🌶 can’t wait to see

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Damn that’s beautiful! Would love to fly it one day 😍

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Truly is a beauty.

They’re replacing the E-Jet family, correct? If so, they should replace the DFW-YYZ route first 👀

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First of all, I do not think they are replacing it. Second, ew DFW.


Can’t wait for it to begin flying to San Jose from Toronto next year! Hopefully I’ll be able to see this aircraft when it departs everyday (I should if it does the right loop…) and maybe even fly on it!

@ButterAllDay Air Canada will be flying their CS300s to the United States… I believe the first flight will be to Seattle or LaGuardia, and then San Jose!


Nice! I only live 6 hours drive from New York… time to drive 😂

Beautiful! Love the AC livery!


Really fun fact for everyone: Airbus screwed up.

That picture above shows that they painted Air Canada’s logo reversed on the tail. That image was replaced by this one on Airbus’ site hours later…

…where the picture no longer shows the tail.

Not only that, Air Canada even deleted their retweet of the paint time lapse

This is the correct logo:

Outstanding move.


Cathay Paciic 1.5.


Not gonna lie, Paciic was a bigger mess up lol. More noticeable to say the least…

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Nice! I’m really hoping it will start to replace some Embraer routes soon (hint hint Austin 😉)

Eh, I’m personally not a fan of Airbus. I’m 100% ex-furniture maker.

Boeing almost went bankrupt once and started making furniture


Shame I live in london 😭


Same here @DimitriB


Sorry, had to.

Anyways, I love the Air Canada new livery and I think it looks especially good on the a220.

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It looks awesome, especially with the mask up front!

Oh boy. Looks amazing can’t wait to see that beast!