Air Canada Retiring All Airbus A319s, Boeing 767s, and Embraer 190s Early

Air Canada has announced it will accelerate the retirement of its Airbus A319, Boeing 767, and Embraer 190 fleets.

As a result of plummeting air travel demand, airlines continue to accelerate the retirement of their older and less efficient aircraft. Air Canada is now the latest airline to announce plans for retiring their aircraft early.

Air Canada will be retiring a total of 79 aircraft early:

Embraer 190:

  • The 14 remaining Embraer 190s will leave Air Canada’s fleet immediately.
  • These were previously scheduled to be retired by the end of 2020 anyway.

Airbus A319:

  • Air Canada will retire all 35 Airbus A319s from its fleet.
  • This consists of 13 Air Canada mainline A319s and 22 Air Canada Rouge A319s.

Boeing 767-300

  • Air Canada will retire 30 Boeing 767-300s from its fleet.
  • This consists of 5 Air Canada mainline 767s and 25 Air Canada Rouge 767s
  • The mainline 767s were set to be retired in 2021 but the Air Canada Rouge 767s were supposed to remain in the fleet.

This creates a unique situation for Air Canada Rouge. The Boeing 767-300 is the low-cost airline’s only long-haul aircraft. Air Canada Rouge flies to several unique international destinations using its 767s, such as Algiers, Bucharest, Marseille, Nice, Porto, Zagreb, Warsaw, and more. These destinations will likely be suspended for a while or potentially terminated.

By retiring all 767s and A319s, Air Canada Rouge will lose 71% of its fleet.

As part of this announcement, Air Canada reported a $1.049 billion net loss for the first quarter of 2020.

Air Canada believes it will take three years for capacity and revenue to return to 2019 levels

Press Release/Image Credits

Press Release: Air Canada Reports First Quarter 2020 Results - May 4, 2020

A319: C-GARG | Airbus A319-114 | Air Canada | MShakespeare | JetPhotos
767: Boeing 767-333/ER - Air Canada Rouge | Aviation Photo #5500665 |

Once again, another airline retiring their aircraft early because of this crisis. Sad to see these go and the huge impact it’ll have on Air Canada Rouge.


This is surely some very disappointing news…

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Smart choice. Those aircraft are dated.

Well, at least the title didn’t say 757 or 747…but why the A319?

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Wow, I was expecting the E190s and the A319s and the mainline 767s to go. But the ones for Rouge also, I wonder what will fill the gap as they will need a new large plane soon to fill the gap at. I would bet the A330s

Most of the AC A319s are from the early to late 90s

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At least the AC A320’s aren’t going. One more reason why we need them in IF.

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Fleet simplification. And yeah the A320s are older on average, but they’ve got around 42 of the aircraft in total. I guess they’re going to continue retiring them anyway but keep them in the fleet while the A220 and other aircraft replace them. About half of the A320s are already set to be retired by the end of this year.

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Some also went to Rouge I think, basically Rouge is the place where all of the planes that AC don’t want go.

Oh wow! I’m really surprised that they are retiring those planes really early! The original date was sometime later this year!

So I’m going to guess that the Air Canada flights from Montreal and Toronto to Denver that are currently operated with the E190 will get the A220? That would be nice but I also feel that they might use the CRJ-900 because they alternate the CRJ9 and E190 on YUL-DEN.

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Most likely those flights will be served buy the A220. The A220 is the replacement for the E190.


AC’s 767s aren’t that good anyways
What would replace their 767’s tho it was supposed to be the MAx8 &9 but thats not the case

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So Toronto to Denver was planned to be an A319 in place of a 190 until next month when they began using a220s but idk if or how covid-19 has changed that.

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A320 probably or Crj-900

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Kona getting no love 😞

Not really mad about the AC 767s. Never had I been on a worse aircraft in my life and thats after being on an AA 767. The IFE was terrible with glitches and it going down constantly, at least with AA you knew you werent getting IFE. And what a filthy cabin and terribly old broken aircraft. They were well past their day. Sad to see AC struggling but this just means when things do recover you arent flying on the worst of an airline’s fleet


Yes… sometimes its the A330 tho

I thought Rogue didn’t have 330s

No just AC mainline fleet. its usually the 737 Max 8 that serves that route but in the high season the A330 did and not the usually Rouge 767

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