Air Canada retired one of the oldest A320 ever - 30-years-old

In the case you missed the flightradar24 alert yesterday, Air Canada send a 30 years old A320 (MSN0059) to Marana for retirement. Here is the Marana base:

Aircraft info & history :

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I saw this last night, I actually had no idea that it was this old.

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Wow! That is one old A320. I wonder if it still had CRT displays/MCDUs.

Even i did not know theres oldest A320 😆 , by the way, it looks like 10 yrs old i think

Saw it last night

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Aaaand this is why we need it in IF!

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WOW that’s insane! AC has quite an old fleet in general (excluding the A220’s)

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The time flies by…

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