Air Canada Recruitment Flight @ CYYZ - 210000ZJAN18

Join Air Canada VA as we take to the skies for our very first event!

Server: Training

Region: Canada

Airport: CYYZ

Date: January 21st

Time: *0000Z, 7:00PM EST, 4:00PM PST

Aircraft Dash 8

ATC: @natedog508

Gate 170: @SwissCrow
Gate 171: @Jmacd20
Gate 172: @AndrewWu
Gate 173: @flyme2bluemoon
Gate 174: @Davidberman
Gate 175: @HockeyMan06
Gate 176: @tidex
Gate 177: @ZyphryxZephyr
Gate 178: @JeanMorban
Gate 179: @Dom226db
Gate 180: @JMac
Gate 181: @Nation.of.avation
Gate 168: @Typhoon192
Gate 168B: @PilotCorey
Gate 166: @A_Bad_Duck
Gate 164A: @anon3820355
Gate 164B: @Epiphany
Gate 162: @Bobby_Bowen
Gate 160: @AsunderRex92679
Gate 191: @Ethan1236
Gate 193: @Miguel_Ortiz
More gates will be added if necessary

Join Air Canada Virtual Airlines


The 13th of January was yesterday, your title says the event is on the 13th.

And your Airport in the body of the post is different from the airport in the title.


Sorry for the confusion, I fixed it.

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Ill take a gate. It’s on Sunday right?

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On Sunday at 0000Z. 7PM EST on the 20th in the US.

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Sunday if you are west of the prime meridian or Saturday if you are East

Wait I’m west of the prime meridian but this would be on Saturday

can i have a gate plz

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Yes it would be on Saturday

A gate will have your name on it

Alright. I’ll take a gate

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Hope to see you for our first recruitment event!

I would like to join.

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Please assign me to any gate I’ll be there. Thanks!


I have put everyone at a gate. Thanks for joining us!

Can I join this event?

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Can i have a gate? Evne though im not part of the VA

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I’d love to join! Please give me a gate if possible

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You three are setup with a gate!

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I have a gate pls I’ll see you on sunday

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