Air Canada Recruitment Event @ KSEA - 061600ZMAY17

Have you ever wanted to become part of one of the greatest and most professional virtual airlines on the Infinite Flight Community? If so, this is your chance to fly with other Air Canada Virtual pilots! While all pilots are welcome, it is recommended that you first apply to the Air Canada virtual airline by visiting this link.

Event Information:

Region: Seattle, Washington
Locations: From KSEA (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) to KPDX (Portland Intl)
Climb rate: 1,700fpm
Cruising speed: 280 KIAS (Knots-Indicated Air Speed)
Cruising altitude: FL150 (15,000 ft MSL)
Departing Runway: Runway 16L
Arriving Runway: Runway 28R
Flight plan: R0654 - YORUC - LAVAA - OGYAJ - KS03E - IAP95 - HULAB - R1614 - KPDX

Server: Training Server
Time: May 6th, 2017 @ 1600Z - 2400Z
NOTAM: Only Air Canada liveries please.

Gate Information:
A01: @Flying-Fortress
A03: @DeltaCRJ-900
A05: @Matias_Garcia
A06: @Yabuddyy
A08: @Jojo_Waskitho
A10: @JacobVanZanten
A12: @Puncakes
A13: @Christian_Richardson
A14: @Abhishek_Bhattachary
Note: please make sure you spawn at your correct gate as they are spaced so aircraft will not overlap.

Show up to your assigned gate 5 minutes before the planned time for the event to start (1555Z) to file the given flight plan (if able to show up for that part of the event).
Pushback and taxi to runway 16L (may change depending on winds).
Start descent 50NM from destination airport, speed at your own discretion.

If you have any questions about the virtual airline or this specific event, feel free to ask any of our staff listed below.

@JacobVanZanten: CEO
@DeltaCRJ-900: Co-CEO
@Flying-Fortress : Events manager
@Daniel_Cerritos: Alliance manager

Hope to see you there!


I’ll take gate A03. This looks like fun.


I will take gate 05 please

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@DeltaCRJ-900 @Matias_Garcia sounds good I’ll put you both up in the post!

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Can i get gate A13 please

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Sure thing. See you there!

I’m in with Dash-8 Q400

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Sounds good, I’ll see you there.

I’ll take a gate please

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Alright I’ll sign you up. Make sure to attend the event tomorrow and I’ll see you there!

Get me a gate please.


For sure, I’ll see you there tomorrow!

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can I have one gate please

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You’re going to be at the very end of the gate line-up (A13), see you there in a couple hours.

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