Air Canada Receives Its First A220

Air Canada has taken delivery of its first Airbus A220-300 aircraft:

This is the first aircraft out of an order of 45 will enter service in January 2020, making Air Canada the first airline to operate the A220-300 in North America.

Here it is. Honestly, it’s beautiful.

About Air Canada’s A220:

  • The aircraft features 12 Business Class seats and 125 Economy Class seats.
  • It’ll be publicly unveiled on January 15, 2020.
  • Air Canada’s A220 will initially operate the new Toronto to San Jose (CA) and Montreal to Seattle routes starting May 4, 2020.

Congrats to Air Canada on this new aircraft and becoming the first North American airline to receive this A220-300 aircraft!


The Air Canada livery looks so good on the A220! Just wow!!

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Can’t wait to see them at SJC!


Well… doesn’t it look a beauty? Does anyone else think that?

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I’m hoping to see them in Halifax, we could use bigger aircraft for the YOW-YHZ route then CRJ9’s and DH8D’s lol

Looks absolutely stunning <3


The Canadian Airbus for Air Canada, that’s a fantastic fit. Glad to see this beautiful bird with more and more airlines!

Vote for the A220 here if you like:

Thanks for posting this detailed information!

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The Air Canada livery looks amazing on the A220! I hope I get to fly on this someday

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Well, I got some information about Airbus A220 coming to our city on Dec 28th. We are also apparently the first flight to operate the CS300.

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Great looking plane, the Air Canada livery is amazing on that plane. 🇨🇦

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Beautiful plane with a beautiful livery. When ever the chance arises, I’m flying it.

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Devs you better get working on that A220 (takes on kiddy tantrum voice to sound pathetically threatening) or ‘im going to not pay for the pro’

For the record I’m joking, I love the A350, can’t wait for the 777, and hope that over the next year or so we may see the light of the A220.


Delta operates the a220 in North America?

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I am physically aroused…

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That also caught me, but Air Canada is the first to operate the -300 in North American while Delta was the first to operate the -100.


Air Canada hope to see this birds around Canada. I’ll try to get inside one of these 1 day…

Delta does operate the A220 in North America, but unlike Air Canada, which has the A220-300, Delta has the A220-100.

They operate on routes like SLC-SJC and SEA-SJC along with LGA-DFW and LGA-IAH

I seriously can’t wait for Air Canada to open their YYZ-SJC route in May with this brand new airplane!


Also, I found the plane on FR24. Her registration is C-GROV.

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Today Air Canada had an arrival ceremony for its first A220.

New images of the A220 and its interior by @airplusnews_EN

First commercial flight actually begins tomorrow, the 16th, from Montreal to Calgary.

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yoooo those seats look fire

I can’t wait to spot this bird at YYZ! Mistook a couple Embraers for it already, hoping for them to be the CSeries! (It’ll forever be a CSeries in my eyes)


Should I go see this bird tommorrow?
First flight AC317 YUL-YYC 😏