Air Canada Rebranding Celebration | Star Alliance @ KLAX - 112000ZMAR17

Hello People!
We have an awesome event this week in honour of Air Canada’s rebranding!
So come on out and shine everyone!

Server: Expert

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Aircraft: Air Canada aircraft ONLY

Date: March 10

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Spawn in terminal 2 in assigned gate, takeoff from RWY 24 L & R, follow flight plan at cruise at 12 000ft at 245KIAS, land Runway 27
If you are one of the first to take off, circle until everyone is in formation!
Air Canada Planes ONLY



Gate Assignments
G21A: @Ollie
G22A: @Haddock
G23: @Xpira
G24: @Hugh_Cooper
G25: @Keiryn_Straub
G26 @Emarati_AD

I will come, looks good :)

Edit: Accidentally pushed enter

i’ll try and make it. looking fwd to AC’s new livery in IF

Regulars can assign themselves a gate.

I’ll come you got room?

We have room for all.

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Then put, me on the list 🙃 G22A plz

Did they get a380s?!

And what is there new livery. Also what is the diff. In air Canada and air Canada roage

Could you add me to a gate?

Can I join this even, please?

Sing me in pls(G27)UTC+7

can I have a gate pls

is it 10 or 11 March?

Please put me in GATE G27

Sorry but I can’t participate in this event anymore. I have other things on

Sorry…I can’t participate in this event

I am so sorry as well, I can’t come. I thought the event would start by yesterday becuase it’s written by 10th of March!

Can I have a gate please thanks