Air Canada Presents Project Hometown | John C. Munro international @ CYHM - 262200ZSEPT18

Image made by @CR3W

Welcome to Project Hometown! This is the first part in a long series where we will charter to a fellow ACVA members’ home airport. We received almost 30 submissions but today we will feature
Connor’s home airport, John C. Munro international, and Louis’s home airport, Edmonton International Airport.

Flight Details

Server - Training Server One

Aircraft - Airbus A319 [A319]
- Livery - Air Canada

To make this event possible Air Canada is partnering with Air Canada Jetz!

Departure Airport - John C. Munro international [CYHM]

Flight Time - [3h 10m]

Arrival Airport - Edmonton International Airport. [CYEG]

Departure time
September 26, 2018 10:00 PM

Estimated Arrival Time
September 27, 2018 1:10 AM


Gate 01 @ADDY28 ACVA232

Gate 02 @Rick_Mahoney ACVA197

Gate 03 @Harold_Lantos ACVA174

Gate 04 @hi15td ACVA 203

Gate 05 @NBSYT ACVA153

Gate 06 @Typhoon192

Gate 07

Gate 08 @IanD ACVA 256

Gate 09 @Hamza_Alvi

Gate 11

Gate 10

Gate 12

[More Gates Avalible]

Flight Plan


Extra Info

  • Please spawn in 5 minuets before departure
  • Listen to all ATC instructions
  • X2 flight time for all ACVA members

If you would like to have your home airport featured next make sure to submit it on our slack!


Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Community Thread:
Air Canada Virtual Offical

Air Canada Virtual Website:
Air Canada Virtual’s Website

Air Canada Virtual Instagram:
Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Instagram

Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Wow! A new Series!

Cant wait :)


Sign me up! ACVA232

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I am in!! ACVA197

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I’m looking forward to this can I get a gate please ACVA174

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ACVA203, see you there, should be available(and hopefully back to grade 4)

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Can’t come, but looks like a great event series.

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What time is 3 pm in Arizona time

And I’ll take gate 07… and what’s the altitude and speed

I’ll take a gate. It’s not time for my SR22 flights yet.-ACVA153

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That information will be released as the event comes closer.


But I’ll take gate 07

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sounds good. You will be added in the morning when @Xpira wakes up!

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@BrockB and @NBSYT you guys have been added!


Can you please sign me up

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I guess I’ll take the next gate available. Can’t wait for my hometown to be featured! :)

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Sadly this is too late for me (11pm haha) - would love to come to an earlier event in the future! This series is gonna be a good one :)

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Roger that captain! The gates will be updated soon.

What time is 3 o’clock in Arizona time

It is at 4:00pm Arizona time