Air Canada orders 45 CS300s, 30 options

I thought this might be worth posting since is having a meltdown about this and the order is so large and significant. CS300 is a decent plane-Terrific economics and the best aircraft in its class. Could use some plastic surgery though. Will look nice in AC colors though.


“On 29 October 2015, Bombardier took a $3.2 billion writedown on the CSeries.[99] On the same day, **the Quebec government invested $1 billion in the company to save the struggling programme.[**100] The incoming federal Canadian government also indicated that it would reply to Bombardier’s request for $350 million in assistance after the new Liberal government takes power in early November.[99]” Source: wikipedia

Is this weird?

IMO, after the Avro Arrow, Canada is trying to keep their industry afloat. I thought Bombardier´s aircraft were being sold fast.

Oh i realized it was based in Canada, silly me thought it was U.S. Nice gesture on the Canadian govt

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Good For Air Canada
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great order AC, does anybody know if porter is still getting them

The airline was likely given big incentive to purchase a basketful

All three of Bombardier’s commerical aircraft product lines are suffering.

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I’m forward to stepping on a CS300 in the future then.

The order is dependent on the approval of the YTZ runway extension.

I read the thread, it’s quite interesting to see the viewpoints of several different people. The most significant thing is that AC will be getting a huge lawsuit dismissed for ordering these aircraft and keeping maintenance in Quebec. I think the C-Series will be a great addition to the fleet, funny thing is that they will be more comfrtable than the 737MAX.

Then I guess not.

Do you guys think they would move to pearson or is it a dud with Bombardier

Moving to YYZ will make Porter lose their biggest selling point. It would be pointless.

Doubtful that they’ll take em. Unless of course they choose to create a new hub somewhere else and I don’t see that happening…