Air Canada New Livery Aircrafts Pt2

This is a continuation from the Pt1 thread.

This can be used to track aircrafts that have the new livery if you want to spot them or anything. Please feel free to share photo’s and if you know if an aircraft has been repainted then please add it in. (Can a mod please make this a wiki).

Special thanks to @tranquil_skyflyer for contributing a large amount to this.

The format of this is:
Aircraft Registration (Tail number)
e.g C-NTRL (123)

Some terms in this are

BFI: Boeing field
EVE: Everett flight line
CHS: Charleston flight line.
GUS: Grissom Reserve Airbase, Painting facility
SAT: San Antonio maintenance facility
NYD: Not Yet Delivered
PR: Possible Repaint
MUS: Muskoka Airport Painting facility

Air Canada

Airbus A319-100

Airbus A320-200

Airbus A321-200

  • C-GITY (452)
  • C-GIUE (454)
  • C-GIUF (455)
  • C-GJVX (456)
  • C-GJWD (457)
  • C-GJWI (458)
  • C-GJWN (459)
  • C-GJWO (460)
  • C-FJNX (464)
  • C-FLKX (473)
  • C-FGKN (461)
  • C-FGKP (462)
  • C-FGKZ (463)
  • C-GIUB (453)

Airbus A330-300

  • C-GFAF (931)

Boeing 737 MAX 8

  • C-FTJV (501)
  • C-FSCY (502)

Boeing 767-300ER

Boeing 777-200LR

  • C-FNNH (706)
  • C-FIUJ (703)
  • C-FNND (705)

Boeing 777-300ER

Boeing 787-8

  • C-GHPQ (801)
  • C-GHPY (806)

Boeing 787-9

  • C-FRSR (848)
  • C-FRTG (849)
  • C-FRTU (850)
  • C-FRTW (851)
  • C-FSBV (852)

Embraer 190

Air Canada Express

Bombardier CRJ-100

Bombardier CRJ-200

  • C-GJZZ (161)
  • C-FDJA (162)
  • C-FEJA (163)
  • C-FIJA (165)

Bombardier CRJ-700

Bombardier CRJ-900

  • C-FJZL (718)
  • C-GJZS (719)
  • C-GJZV (721)

Bombardier Q400

  • C-GGOY (401) {PR In MUS}

Bombardier Dash 8-300

Bombardier Dash 8-100

Embraer 175

  • C-FRQK (391)
  • C-FRQM (392)
  • C-FRQN (393)
  • C-FRQP (394)
  • C-FRQW (395)

Feel free to add photos and if you have a registration of a plane that has been repainted into the new livery then add it in please.



Editing problems with the list.

Ahh, I apologise. Didn’t know that.

What do all of these mean?


@Kevin_Potthast Check here :)


This is actually the special Air Canada FIN (Fleet Identification Number) numbers. You can see the FINs for the entire fleet here.


See above above for FIN.

PR means possible repaint. If an aircraft has this next to them, that means the aircraft MAY be repainted, but it is unconfirmed.

The list in is alpha order by manufacturer, by size.

C-GHPQ (801) is a 788 NOT a 789.
C-GJZZ (161) CRJ is in Muskoka
C-GHPY (806) is currently at SAT

CRJ705 and CRJ900 are same variant and Air Canada uses the same abbreviation for them (CRA).
Air Canada also lists the CRJ200 as CRJ100/200.

If you spot any planes yourself and you know the registration then by all means post it here


Impressive livery! Love it on the 777!


Photo creds to David Brook.


C-FGKP on approach to YYZ. Going to try and get a visual.

C-FGKP is CONFIRMED in the new livery. Just got a visual on it.
Best photo I could snap of it!


C-GJZZ (161) is out of the paint shop at Muskoka. C-FDJA (162) also a CRJ (CRJ is ACs abbreviation for CRJ100/200) has been flown to Muskoka. C-FGKZ (463) supposed to be flown YYZ-YVR on the 29th.

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C-FGKZ has left Peru in new colours.
C-GIUB (453) has been flown to Peru today.
That bring the total A321’s painted in new colours 13 (not including GIUB).
The 15th A321 is in a Start Alliance livery so not sure what will happen there.

Number of Aircraft in fleet painted.

319 0 of 18
320 0 of 42
321 13 of 15
333 1 of 8
77W 0 of 19
77L 1 of 6
789 5 of 22 (29)
788 1 of 8
763 0 of 9
7M8 1 of 1 (49)
CRA 3 of 21
DH4 0 of 44
CRJ (Air Georgian) 0 of 14
CRJ (Jazz) 2 of 10
DH3 0 of 26
DH1 0 of 16
E190 0 of 25
E175 5 of 25

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So apparently there’s been some sort of discrepancy in the new livery painting (other than express writing).
First look here at the livery on almost all the planes.
Photographer: dude8472productions

Now look at this.

Photographer: Andrew Moir

Do you see that curvy thing on the mask?!
What do you think of it. Do you like the straight one or the curvy one?

  • Straight
  • Curvy

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I also realized that the Dash 8’s engines will be painted WHITE. So I wonder where the rondelle will go, if there is even one on the wing.


GHPV is currently flying TLV-YYZ. There are no plans to repaint any of the 788s (with the obvious exception of GHPQ), and GHPY is in SAT for Wifi installation. All Air Canada widebodies are being painted in GUS, SAT and MLB are all just wifi.

Why wouldn’t there be plans? Air Canada said the 777s and 787s will be repainted in the next 18 months (as of February) and the rest of the fleet in 4 years. The 788s are new and I know Air Canada plans to fly them for at least the next 15-20 years.

C-FUIJ (703) 77L has left the paint shop and C-FNND has taken it’s place at GUS.

Let me rephrase that. There aren’t any 787s that are being repainted as of right now, they’re probably going to be once they hit their first heavy maintenance check, considering the oldest is just over 3 years old.

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C-GUIB (453) has left GUS. That makes all the 321’s in the old livery painted in the new one, with exception of one which is in the Star Alliance livery.

C-FSCY (502) 7M8 has been delivered!

So in 2 weeks I’m flying on Air Canada on a 321! So that would mean I have a 14/15 chance of flying on the new livery and a 1/15 chance of flying the Star Alliance livery! So I’m real excited!!


I’m really sad to see the “toothpaste livery” go, their new one looks classic aswell tho, glad to hear the old one will remain on some 787s for now :)

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GHPV is NOT in the new livery that means GHPY will not be in the new livery either.

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That little mask near the cockpit looks so bad other then that the livery not terrible but i personally liked the toothpaste livery more

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Today I will be flying on an Air Canada New Livery aircraft!!! Will take some pictures and post them here. I believe the aircraft is C-GIUB.