Air Canada Moments

I accidentally came across this amazing site called “Air Canada Moments”, which is a timeline of Air Canada. The timeline includes lots of history, including famous celebrities flying Air Canada, fleet additions, new routes, videos from the 30s, & event an onboard proposal (and of course lots more). Look through the timeline for things mentioned above and lots of other facts.

Did you know Air Canada/TCA invented liquid de-icing!


I love Air Canada!

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I would love to see this for BA. :D


🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🌲🌲🌲 Canada is the best

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Didn’t have the best experience with Air Canada. Had a quite old 767-300 on a 11 hour flight to Chile.

I had a 767-300ER on a 12 hour flight from Tel Aviv, not the newest plane, but very friendly crew.

Yea, that sucks. I love Air Canada but I have to agree their 767-300 are old and the TV’s arent always the best. Their 787-8-9 is bae and super comfortable❤️ When i flew on a United 787-9 it was the MOST uncomfortable flight ever(10h 30min-houston to rio).

This is really cool. Kinda sad to see that AC will be getting the B737Max instead of the a320neo though :/

Don’t get me started about the tv. There would be a problem with a selection and it would black out the screen for 4 hours! I couldn’t sleep on the flight and had to sit there doing nothing for 4 hours. Then it happened again! 8 hours with nothing to do.

Air Canada is great 🇨🇦

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You know what makes up for that! Air Canada is getting CS100 over the A320neo and the E-Jets E2

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Lol i know, though overall I do enjoy Air Canada especially compared to large american carriers(not saying all flights of theirs are bad just in general).

It would be cool if they did this with other airlines.

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