Air Canada makes the first 777-300er freighter (kinda)

Air Canada as part of there new cargo operations in response to the coronavirus has taken all the seats out of a 777-300er to make what is, if I am correct the first all cargo 777-300er. I know GECAS and IAI announced they would start doing conversions in 2022, but it’s not 2022. I mean lots of technicalities there, but I believe this is the first 777-300er to be configured to only hold cargo and necessary crew. Several airlines have used 777-300ers to transport only freight recently, but I believe AC is the first ever to actually configure the aircraft for it and remove the seats.


It’s pretty cool to see airlines doing what they can to keep some of their planes flying. Lufthansa and Austrian are doing the same and helping out Lufthansa Cargo. Lufthansa are stripping out some of their A330s and A350s while Austrian are using their 777-300 and 200s

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I’ve seen this pretty often nowadays, it’s really interesting and can keep an airline in business!

Very cool, good job AC

Now I wanna see Lufthansa turn their A380s into giant cargo planes :)

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cool! I saw some pics on there Instagram.

It’s so interesting how spacious the cabin looks once the seats are removed. Good for Air Canada and glad that they’re doing their part to help in these difficult times.

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