Air Canada landing on 28R at SFO don't mix

The worst part about this whole situation is ACA didn’t go around even after getting lit up from the tower. They easily could’ve killed a lot of poeple if the aircraft exiting 28R didn’t get off quick enough.

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Tsk tsk tsk silky air canada, thats not the runway tsk tsk tsk

On a more serious note, this could have ended up like the Teneriffe disaster.

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How the heck do you even mix that up? Oh look there’s a line of planes on the runway!

Wow, even if their radio really wasn’t working, they should’ve seen the Southwest tail sticking out into the runway and decided to go around!

Is an eye exam due! Two possible crashes very close to together ON THE SAME RUNWAY!!

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It’s that metric system…throwing everyone off!

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Yeah that sure doesn’t mix, but neither does Misha and Chris’s moderating…jk you guys are my fav mods

I love how many people jump to conclusions when talking about the first incident, immediately going hard on blaming the pilots (not as much on this thread, but especially YouTube, where there’s not much avgeeks, so it’s understandable I guess). At night, with the lights on 28L off, one could easily think 28R is 28L, and Charlie is 28R. If the landing lights on the planes in line were on, then it would have been a different story, but obviously that doesn’t happen. The other lights on the wings of the aircraft in line could look like taxiway lights (the nav lights especially). I think the controller could have clarified that 28L’s lights were off when the pilots asked for clearance a second time. Though I’m not sure how the pilots got so close and weren’t able to realize on their own that they needed to go around before the controller said.

Nav lights don’t look much like taxiway lights, for starters - the aircraft on the runway were facing left, meaning the red light was displayed - no taxiway lights are red… First, I believe that the incident wasn’t that late - it wasn’t that dark but that doesn’t really matter. It’s pretty much inexcusable for the pilots to keep going after the go around call - it’s something that’s drilled in you when you start aviation training. My view is that the pilots thought they were fine and chose not to go around. It’s a very odd coincidence that the radio worked immediately after the rollout…


I’m talking about the first incident, when they nearly landed on the taxiway next to 28R…seems like u were talking bout a mix of both there…
I agree that there is no excuse for a pilot to mistake a taxiway for a runway, but in this situation, it’s easier to see why that happened, but still the pilots should know better considering they have probably landed at night many times and know what runway lights at night look like.

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