Air Canada Headquarters has a jetbridge?

Hey Everyone, I usually go on Google maps to look at airport terminals and their layouts. I mostly am more interested on buildings that have a jetway or jetbridge for some reason. I zoomed into the Montreal Airport [CYUL], and saw a jetway sticking out of a rather large building, which was the HQ of Air Canada. I am wondering, what is it there for? Is there a reason why there is a Jetbridge here? I would like to hear your opinion on this :).

The jetbridge

Air Canada HQ (Notice the single jetbridge in the building)


This should be in #real-world-aviation

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Yes, that would indeed be a jetbridge. Probably for executives to go straight there.


There is one not to far from it obviously…

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That might tip you off ;)


Wait how? I don’t get where this is going :/

It’s a jetbridge…probably so the executives can you know walk into the airport easier.

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Thats true, and It’s walk not weak lol. I wonder if it is for VIP’s though

It was a reply to Matt :)


Aircraft boarding practice for flight attendant?

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That is at one of their two maintenance hangars in Montreal (CYUL). I seem to remember someone telling me that it was used for pilot gate docking practice. At minimum it can be used by crew who need to finish light work inside the aircraft and not have to go outside when it is -32C in the cold Montreal winters.
Intrigued to hear if someone has a different explanation. I lived in Montreal and have been to that area on special invitation (through an employee contatc) when Air Canada received its first B777. Now that was cool!


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