Air Canada gates at Zurich

Hey IFC, I plan to do a flight from Zurich to Toronto in a few days. My livery will be Air Canada. I’ve searched up on google on what their gates are at Zurich. It said they would be in Terminal 1. But in IF, I just see docks. So, do you know what Air Canada’s gates are at Zurich?

Air Canada uses Dock E.


Thanks you

Yup the dock E gates. Here is the gate one of the recent Zürich-Toronto flights used, you can see where it is on FlightRadar


You can find the names of these specific gates on FlightStats. Here is an example of the flight you were trying to do.

It’s very handy for gates, and I use it for events all the time!

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As always for European airports the gate assignment is mostly much more freely and can easily change from flight to flight, hence the first reply (Dock E) is as exact as you can go.

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