Air Canada Flight veered off runway at Toronto Pearson

Air Canada Flight #AC623 from Halifax veered off runway at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

According to reports, Left landing gear tire blown off upon landing.
Passenger Paul Varian twitted “ I was on this flight. Heavy landing, some oxygen masks deployed, but everyone ok”
and Tom Podelec twitted “Pilot reported to ATC ‘we exited the right hand side of the runway briefly, we’re back on the runway’”

All passengers are evacuated and bused to terminal.

Source: Aerochapter

Source: Aerochapter


Looks very bad for the left side of the aircraft.

Typical Air Canada Landing. Slam It On The Ground And Say “Eh. That Wasn’t To Bad!”

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That aircraft will need a big wash! And tyre change.

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I hate to tell you, but I’ve been on Air Canada multiple times and most of the time the pilots make the gear kiss the runway. I can recall this one time where we had a rainy and cloudy day that I was flying, and the pilots made a really nice landing.
Even Mr. Dantorp Aviation agrees with the aforesaid.

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That’s because the weather was bad yesterday. Very wet here.

Wow that must have been quite the landing to blow off a tire. Is that what looks like mud on the side of the aircraft or are those some sort of scorch marks?

That’s dirt, as I expressed above.

More info, it landed during a winter thunderstorm.

Looks like it went mudding!

To me it looks like the aircraft did some off roading in the middle of the australian outback in the middle of the wet season

Nah it would be dirtier


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