Air Canada Flight 7 Vancouver to Hong Kong

Hello, this is @Udeme_Ekpo. Earlier this morning, I started my flight to Hong Kong and as I was about to land at Hong Kong, I forgot to put the Spoilers to Arm and my plane rolled off and I almost got a violation. Unbelievable now I have to start my flight all over again due to this nasty mistake. I want to my flight to be perfect without making any mistakes because mistakes suck and I hate making mistakes


This is why checklists are so crucial so you don’t make mistakes. When landing be sure to double check you are configured for landing so these mistakes can be avoided.


Well, spoilers shouldn’t be causing a runway incursion…make sure that you are using rudder and aileron inputs as to keep your plane on the runway centerline.

You got this, practice makes perfect!

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Dang, that sucks. I remember you taking off last night (my timezone) from YVR after me and my friend went for EGLL.

Really, it was like 4 AM that I did my flight to Hong Kong and I forgot the spoilers to arm after I touched down and it went to a positive rate to where I put the spoilers in full and then it skidded off the runway centerline and I almost got a violation for taxiing over 35 knots

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That would actually be the rudder :)

Check the winds and see what they were. that might be a major factor. Not deploying spoilers causes something like a runway overrun

Maybe if you had pulled progressive brakes a little harder you could’ve slowed down quicker…

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Well, I just forgot to put spoilers on arm so this topic can be closed