Air Canada fined for not using enough French!

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What are your opinions?

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I feel that this is (at least partly) completely missing the point. English is the main language of aviation and that’s why many signs are in English. Obviously some things could be made more bilingual, but German airlines use english signs (e.g. EXIT or lift) instead of German saying as well, even though it isn’t our official language. That’s just how aviation works in my opinion.


I mean, I guess it’s the law up there, so I can’t argue with the ruling, that said I understand why AC did this, since English is understood almost anywhere in some capacity, and is the primary language for several major countries, and for an airline that flies to many corners of the world that makes it in important language to highlight…


That’s exactly the point.

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Honestly, they must have some hate for the airline…


Canada is a bilingual nation. And in the state of Québec, French basically is the main language. They speak both languages in Montréal, but in cities like Québec the majority speaks French.

If it’s a law, it needs to be followed. And it seems like it’s not a law people want to get rid off. When I visited Montréal two years ago I was amazed how present both languages were. Everywhere, everything was available in both languages.

At least they only have two languages. In Switzerland, we got 4 official languages.


To me, this seems completely unnecessary. English is known worldwide and is the language of aviation.

However, it seems this couple just likes to sue… from the article:

It is not the first time the couple have accused the airline of violating their linguistic rights. In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that they could not sue Air Canada over a mistaken drink order on an international flight and would have to settle for an apology, the Toronto Sun reported.


I agree, seems pretty ridiculous.

It seems the culture of suing everyone and everything has taken a hold of Canada also. This sort of ruling could create a chain of similar cases for a lot of the worlds airlines because many countries use English while it is not the official language.


I hate to say, but I kind of agree with them. It said that it was a domestic flight. For example, in Mexico, all the signs for the domestic gates are in Spanish only, as the the internationals, they have 2 or sometimes even 3. They should be in the country’s main languages. But I agree that English is the main aviation language. I disagree with them suing though, that’s ridiculous.

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I don’t actually know about the rules in Canada regarding French too well even though I do live in Canada. IMO the rule about equal size for both languages might actually confuse someone whose first language is neither English nor French.

I am surprised about the boarding announcement however. Most announcements here are done from recording so the gate agent rarely does the boarding announcements.

Whether it should be a law is moot. It is a law.


Air Canada is my favourite airline. I have heard several cases of them letting themselves down mostly about rude staff. I travelled with Air Canada 3 times last month. I encountered the complete opposite. Every time they let me go in the cockpit, and had a great chat with the pilots that’s were all most than happy to talk with me than get on with their day.

Again with the flight attendants. At the very back of the aircraft rather than taking a break was happy to talk for about half an hour of how she got her career. Even so that she gave one of the people I was travelling with an extra pastry snack when he asked. We were in standard economy. The in flight entertainment does need improving though.

On all my flights, the staff did have some difficulty speaking French, I mean, we were travelling from London to Toronto to Calgary to London. Literally NO ONE speaks French here. But going back to the point, the staff whilst speaking French would occasionally pause and say “eerrrrr” but, I don’t blame them, English is their official Language, but French as their second, but only in the Eastern area of Canada.

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I’m confused Air Canada is owned by the government so how could it break the law

Just because you’re owned by the government doesn’t mean you can’t break laws…

Anyone can break laws, no matter who your employer is. Even government officials can break laws (look at the impeachment of U.S. Presidents, for one example).

Additionally, AC is not government-owned (thanks to @ThomasThePro for the confirmation).

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Air Canada is not owned by the government!

Why does Air Canada have to be bilingual? It’s not like eveything inCanada is.Is it because it was owned by the government a long time ago?

Yep that’s what you get for an airline not speaking French in Canada

Because Camada has two national Languages English and French and by law Airlines have to speak both and FT and Pilots have to have already grade ten French. Westjet isn’t owned by the government or ever was but it’s still speaks French on there flights because Quebec is part of our nation and even tho they speak French there still part of Canada!

But they are still required to speak it even if the Province doesn’t speak it almost at all. @Chatta290 I haven’t seen s big company in Canada get sued for a while now.

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Also looks like Canada’s aviation authority is hitting hard. 😰

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