Air Canada Express dash 8 Q-400 new livery


not my picture air canada recently painted their dash 8 in the beautyful new livery i have been waiting for them to paint their dash8 it looks stunning i really love their new livery so i really hope you guys can help me and all AC fans out there with some votes really hope it gets added soon . air canada express operates 44 dash 8 q400

Air Canada - Bombardier Dash-8 Q-400 (DH8D) | 2017 Livery

Oooooofff! I’ve been waiting to see this. 😍😍😍😍


Cool features request!

To add more substance to your feature request, why don’t you tell us why you want the livery added, etc.? Even though I would like to see this, just saying “not my photo” makes the community feel like you don’t want it.


Wow! My favorite plane in my favorite livery. I couldn’t ask for more😍


do you mind giving our favorite an vote


Yes, I voted as soon as I saw it:-)


Not a big fan of this livery but I’d say it’d be a nice addition


This is the only plane thus far that looks good in this livery.


Haha I know right my favourite dash 8


Air Canada had always been nice. I’ve flown form MIA - YYZ and it was beautiful. The plane was huge.


We would love to see this!!


Really big fan of the new livery hope to get them on the existing AC fleet in infinite flight like the dash8 B787 777 etc


I don’t fly AC in IF, but I’ll admit them are some good looking no matter whatcha put that livery on Airplanes.


NOT me either unless we get their new livery s


Oh +1 for me on this one, obviously! #bae


#voted #hopetoseeitsoon


Dang that looks GREAT!


Pretty nice livery. I don’t think that I will spare up a vote for this, but wouldn’t mind it in the game.


Have to bump this in hope to get more votes finally I’ll get a little piece of it gemini200 just released 1:200 model would love to also have it in IF


Agreed, uh, I love the AC livery!