Air Canada Express Bombardier Dash 8-100

I had to request this one.
Mini Dash 8!
Operated by Jazz.


Shouldn’t this be in #features

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Euh, eh, uh?

It’s a feature request

And it’s in #features.
I changed it to features right after the topic was created.

It wasn’t but now it is.

But anyway, I love the livery.

I don’t know why it was in #general, I put it in #features features.

Yeah I think it was a glitch because it was there and then it wasn’t. Oh well

This would be a great regional plane in Global in Canada

There’s already an air Canada dash 8. What kind of range is this plane expected

Billy Bishop to Pearson!

I think close to 1000NM.

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Oh, It’s so cute=D
I adore the Dash-8 series.

Cute plane!

I can’t express how much I love this livery, it just looks like it belongs in the snow, the blue is really nice

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I like the pun there. :-P

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