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Hi guys, I’m here today to show you a livery that we have to have on the new reworked Embraer E190

How everybody knows, the rework of the Embraer E175 and E190, already have started, and we can’t forget this gorgeous livery from Canada, unfourtunetely I didn’t find the new Air Canada 2017 livery

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I believe we already have this. Don’t we?

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I searched and did’t find, if you find tell me and I will delete this topic

No I mean I though we had this in the simulator lol, not in requests.

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oh hahaha, actually the E190 not yet, only in the E175

Ohhh okay lol. Have a great day!

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the air canada E190 was retired two years ago

we have a lot of liveries in IF are was retired in real life, I don`t think this is a point. And if search we have a lot of routes to do with this livery

Needs to be added!

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For sure!!! We cannot left this one!!

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