Air Canada CYVR- GMMN

Last night, I flew from Vancouver Intl to Casablanca, in Morocco. The approach to runway 36R started out very green right by the coast and became dry, brown uneven Africa closer to the runway. A very beautiful route, and I would highly recommend it to all!
Flight time: 10 hours exactly, Expert server, Air Canada 787-9.

Please know that I changed the time of some of the photos because you could barely see the plane🤣


If I did anything wrong here, please let me know. Any and all feedback is welcome

The pics look great. I love the pic of the wing surface


Thank you. When you say wing surface do you mean the last one or the second one? I’m assuming the second one…

i LOVEEEEE the first one! 💙 the back seat is my fav irl

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Thank you! I like the back seat as well, it’s usually very quiet

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Yea the second one

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Beautiful shots !

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