Air Canada Crj-900 CYKA-CYVR

Flight details

Aircraft- Crj-900
Airline- Air Canada
Flight Time- 40min
Cruising Alt- FL270
Server- Expert

Preparing for the short flight

Finally departing from CYKA

Climbing out from CYKA with some stunning scenery

Yay cruising, Taking a quick walk to stretch my legs

Descending over a beautiful lake

A great mix of mountains and city over Vancouver

Gear down

Okay landing in CYVR

Getting off the plane

Looking at the plane that flew me here

Thanks for looking, hope you liked it!

If you didn’t like it make sure to tell me what I can do better!

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great photos however, the rules of the category states that there should be no name tags or plane boxes in the photos

I am changing that right now, please don’t flag.


i won’t don’t worry

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Hey, awesome shots! There’s just one thing: The rules of #screenshots-and-videos say you can only post once every 24 hours ';-; .You can check out the rules here:

Thanks. Love the shots!

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Shots are great though I would recommend a little less editing just to preserve it’s natural look👍


For people who don’t get it, CYKA is a Russian Bad Bad word

Only one topic per day, per #screenshots-and-videos topic rules.