Air Canada CRJ-700 (2017 Livery)

Air Canada doesn’t have CRJ-700s they have CRJ-200s and CRJ-705s/CRJ-900s their CRJ-705 and CRJ-900s have the same amount of seats so they are the same plane with different names this is a CRJ-705 not a -700.

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Like some of your fellow community members said, Air Canada has the CRJ-705, not the 700.

The 900 and 705 are basically the same. I’m happy to say that the Air Canada CRJ has been confirmed!


Happy landings!

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The -900 was just confirmed.
I don’t think we need both, this is enough.
Still good tho


Just to confirm back in the day I thought the CRJ-705 and CRJ-900 had different exteriors. I also misunderstood my fellow community members that were trying to inform me about the similarities. Feel free to close this thread since the -900 has been confirmed, because the two aircraft are so similar this thread has no need to be open anymore.

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