Air Canada Boeing 787-9

They should add this livery when they update the 787


Nice livery


I do agree!!! :)


It’s a beauty

Is it light blue grey colours?

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I’m pretty sure it is some sort of blue and white, it looks amazing though

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Today I found out Air Canada is the 3rd largest operator of the 787 in the world, largest in NA.

Yep! I believe they are! :)

It’s so beautiful that take off. Can’t wait to fly it on IF:)

I know! :)

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The picture included there is the 787-8 :)

But I agree, very nice scheme

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But they aren’t getting the -10.

but they have the -9 too…

I never said they did…

I know, I’m just saying it’s a shame.

It would look amazing!

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I would fly regional routes in Canada and from YYZ to PTY in this plane and livery!

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I’m seriously hopping this one makes the cut.


I’ll be happy with this livery!

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I also hope so. :)

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