Air Canada Boeing 737MAX 8 first look

The moment we have all been waiting for! Its finally here! First Air Canada 737MAX 8 or maybe first 737 in general! Words can not describe how much emotions I’m feeling at this very moment in time but I am happy!

Air Canada finalized an order on April 1, 2014 for 61 737 MAX airplanes to lead the airline’s single-aisle fleet renewal plan.

“Our narrowbody fleet renewal program with the 737 MAX is expected to yield significant cost savings and is a key element of our ongoing cost transformation program,” said Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO of Air Canada. “Projected fuel and maintenance cost improvements of more than 20 percent per seat will generate an estimated CASM reduction of approximately 10 percent compared to our existing narrowbody fleet. In addition, the 737 MAX offers improvements to the environment, making this the best choice for Air Canada.”

The 737 MAX improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions by 14 percent, while reducing the operational noise footprint by 40 percent, compared to today’s aircraft.

“We’re honored Air Canada selected Boeing for their single-aisle fleet renewal,” said Brad McMullen, vice president of North America Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “The 737 MAX will deliver big fuel savings to the airline while providing Air Canada’s customers with best in class passenger amenities.” -


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Its so beautiful!! :)


The read maple leaf looks great with all those red trees in the background :D


I had the exact same reaction

It looks great. Hats off to the photographers


I think it looks ugly with the profile of the B737. The nose and that eyeshade do not go well at all, it looks like a bird now…


That is amazing. Simply amazing.

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I can’t decide if I like the Air Canada livery on the 737 or not. I’m disappointed that Air Canada didn’t decide to order the a320neo. Also I think the sky blue livery would have fit the aircraft better than the new, retro looking livery.

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Sleek and stylish. That’s the Air Canada 737max


The winglets <3. AC looks great on the MAX.


I’m a big fan of the 737 Max and what Boeing have achieved with the upgrade.

The new Air Canada livery looks pretty naff though, what a way to ruin a sleek looking jet.

Each to their own though…


I’m not a big fan of the new air canada livery, but damn it looks nice on the 737 MAX. ❤️❤️❤️

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It’s a great plane & livery! I just don’t like how the racoon mask is partly on the nose, not my favorite in the AC livery.

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Love it! (except for the mask).

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I don’t like the new livery, especially with the 737MAX

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I love the black paint around the cockpit windows… makes it look like a bird. Does anyone know if there’s an actual reason for this or is it simply “how they do it”? I don’t know if Canada has a particular national bird or anything that would give the black paint significance.

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Why’d you upload the same picture?

Edit: Nevermind it’s ever so slightly different.

Oh no that looks absolutely terrible. Look at the windshields… I want to vomit every time I take a look at them. I just want the old Air Canada livery back :(


Yeah same, I like the old livery!


Looks beautiful, sleek, and awesome! Looking forward for this beauty in service ❤✈

I honestly didn’t think that the new Air Canada livery would look good on the 737MAX 8, but it looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to spot one of these in the future.