Air Canada "Ball of Fire"

There was recently an Air Canada flight that had to make an emergency landing because of a fire. Here is some more information below:


Such a dry topic 😑, instead of stating what happens why not state your opinion on the incidident? It would make a much nicer and constructive topic.


I hope everybody is ok there is nothing worse than when somebody is killed or seriously injured.


I believe @jasonrosewell actually witnessed this! 😱

EDIT: He is safe. Was simply driving by the airport at the time.


Why do you have to be so negative all the time? This incident is an interesting thing and he wants to share it with us.


What type plane was it? I hope no one on the flight was affected. Wonder what caused it. Seems like Air Canada’s having a few issues; they came too close to causing the worst aviation accident ever a few weeks ago.

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It’s odd that they show a 787 in the picture. I looked it up and it was a 767-300

@gjwhite14, 767-300


I looked up the flight number and it looks like a Boeing 767.


Well, its an aircraft fire sooooo…what opinion would there be?

Dang AC, first you’re landing on top of airplanes and now there’s fireballs coming out of you engines!


He must want us to say something like: “So there was a ball of fire, but to me it actually looked more like a ‘square’ of fire… and it was mostly just smoke.”

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Not trying to take his side, but you could have said something like “This seems pretty scary. I could imagine all the passengers were very worried! I’m glad there’s no injuries” or something like that.


I won’t chastise anyone for making a topic, even the worst ones. This is an interesting share but I agree with you on the front that RWA drips substance when it’s a first hand experience. Posting headlines can seem a bit dry, then again a lot of people enjoy seeing those around here. Hmm, catch 22. Maybe a new sub category is needed? “RWA News”? AVHerald could have it’s own thread, lol.


I was driving on the 401 Westbound with my family directly under this flight. We saw the huge flames coming out and then watched it as it entered a right downwind for what I would assume was 06L since that’s where departures were yesterday. My kids thought it was pretty epic.


Wow Jason. I bet you were very worried about the passengers on the flight when you were passing. Also you don’t have any pics. People usually have pics if they witnessed something like this. At least your ok.


Well I was driving a car on a 5 lane highway in Toronto and happened to look up and see it overhead. Not a great time to be plane spotting 😑


Makes sense why you don’t have any.

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I know how the 401 is super busy. I wonder why Canada uses “collectors”. Just use a simple exit ramp, it works better 😂

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More than 3 months? I don’t think so then.

Really isn’t, last reply was 14 days ago. So nae.