Air Canada, any questions for the Pilots?

Hey Community!

I’m going on a trip from EGLL-CYYZ-CYYC-EGLL in a day on 3 different aircraft, and have an idea of asking all (or at least try all) to ask them these questions mid flight! If you want me to add any that are serious, let me know!

I’ll be travelling on a:

Boeing 777-300ER
Airbus A321
Boeing 787-9 😍

• When did you become a pilot and at what stage?

‘I became a pilot when I was around 18, maybe 19, as a Private Pilots License before moving on to a Commercial Pilots License.’

• As a pilot, do you get a discount on flights for specifically you, or other people, and how much?

I didn’t exactly feel like asking this lmao

• What was the first aircraft you flew with overall and for Air Canada?

‘I first flew the Beech 99, as part of a codeshare, before moving on to the airline itself as a Dash 8. You start with the small single engines and make your way to the dual, turboprop, jet, and finally to my position as Captain of a 777-300ER.’

• When and how did you get interested in aviation?

‘I loved aviation from, well when I started to walk!’

• What qualifications did you get?

Didn’t ask

• Where did you come from?

Didn’t get time

• How many flight hours have you got?

I had to go on this question lmao

@BadPlane ‘Definitely commercial. It takes a lot of responsibility and time to earn, but after every flight getting the feeling of knowing you’ve helped hundreds get to their loved ones, their dream, or their home.’

@Aviation-21 ▪’Definitely smaller, there is a lot more responsibilities and pressure put on you as you are in control. Not forgetting the mechanics of the aircraft.’ (I ran out of time for this question lol)
▪He worked privately for several years before moving along Air Canada’s codeshare airlines and routes before reaching the stage to be able to the fly the Days 8.

[quote=“Azure, post:17, topic:347089”]
Do you like the old or new AC livery better?

Let me know if you want me to add any more, and I’ll try to PM you with the pilots answer and may put it into this post with a bump and the answers edited in. Around 20th August I’ll have them all.


What is the most dangerous thing that happened during flight

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  • What was your smoothest and hardest landing while flying with AC?

  • Butter or Grease?

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What route do you recommend to take to become a pilot, civilian or military.


Guys, please remember this is a serious question and I will only take real answers that want to be answered from young and aspiring avgeeks.

you must have a lot of confidence if you can just walk u to the cockpit and start talking to them


You’re going on a 77W?! Lucky lol take lots of pics


Does this mean you’ll do it tomorrow or you’ll do it all in one day? I guess it’s the first!?

For the question:

  • Is it easier to fly smaller or larger planes? (this is for the long haul pilots)

  • Have you worked for several airlines and if yes, which were these and why did you leave the others?

  • How difficult is it to change airline (e.g American to Air Canada)?

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I’m flying on the 1st, EGLL - CYYZ on a 777-300ER
Then on the 9th from CYYZ-CYYC on a A321
Then finally CYYC - EGLL on my favourite, a 787-9.

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RIP, I get so nervous with people, because I have difficulty speaking in general, like not a stutter but sentence starters just don’t come into my mind lol. But I just push it out my way and say ‘You got a life, live it, and the only way to do that is to find it out’


Is there any place in the world that you do not like to fly to? Also, what is your favorite place that you want to fly to?

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What is the longest flight you have flown?

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I can tell you that the AC crew from what I’ve seen are pretty nice. I actually got to have a conversation with an AC crew waiting for a hotel shuttle at DIA in Denver.

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Nice! I cant wait!

If air canada would order any aircraft of your choosing, what would it be?

Do you have a flight simulator (or IF)?
Do you like the old or new AC livery better?
What do you call the black paint around the cockpit windows?

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Remember that this is fir the pilots, but if you mean what is their favourite aircraft I’ll happily put that down!

Yes what is the pilots favourite aircraft

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What path did you take to become an airline pilot (what college, aviation school etc.)


Wait I needed to clarify this.
What I meant was:
If air canada ordered any aircraft of your (the pilots) choosing, what would it be.

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