Air Canada announces New Livery more info to come

Canadian airline Air Canada is expecting to announce a major announcement for their 80th Anniversary. Now some may speculate that it could be anything but the biggest announcement is expecting to be the new look for the airline.

For the lat few months, there has been talk of AC putting a new livery for their upcoming Boeing 737 max’s which are expecting to be delivered later this year.

With the new livery comes the new logo so that might be in the books.

Now people will say that this is a load of … but if you look at the advertising you will notice that the blue has gone to more gray.

A 787 has flown to GUS. C-GHPQ is only 2 years old and doesn’t need a paint job, so why would it go there for paint. Air Canada sends their planes there to get painted.



On top of that, Leaked images of the new cabin crew uniform have been leaked

So, In 3 weeks we will hear the announcement, what are people expecting?

All images are from Air Canada

All announcement sources are from

The announcement date is talk from AC employees and there are events scheduled at YVR, YYZ and YUL on those days so.

Here is a 787 in the new livery

What do people think?


Please please please, no Eurowhite. The toothpaste blue is instantly recognizable. I don’t know any airline other than EY that has pulled off a modern looking colour scheme, I hope AC hired some competent people.


I think if they make a new livery it will probably look really nice it’s time for them to get that modern airline upgrade.

A new livery would be nice, I always thought the current livery looked a bit old.


I just hope it’s a good announcement. I’m flying them in April.


Looks like its gonna happen


Awesome! I hope it’s something big like them buying the A380!

Well they bought the 747, it was a fail, thats why they dont ahve it anymore now, so buying an even bigger jet like the A380 doesnt seem like a smart move. If you did a bit of research, it’s actually their new livery being unveiled at CYUL, CYYZ, and CYVR. The aircraft are a 777, a 787, and if I’m not mistaken an A320 or A319.


I wouldn’t say the 747 was a fail for Air Canada. They’ve operated the 747 since the 1970s and phased them out in 2004. Nearly 35 years! They jumped the gun and phased them out before any of the other airlines. AC realized quick the future was in the fuel efficient 777, hence why the 747 and A340 were phased out


I’m going on a whim and I’m going to say it’ll be a livery relating to Canada’s 150th birtthday since they are Canada’s “flag carrier”. Hoping for a completely new one though, it would be cool.

LOL imagine…


Sorry to go off topic, but Air Canada can’t buy the A380. Or the 747. Or any plane with more than 2 engines. There’s some law in Canada that any Canadian carrier can have only twin and single engine aircraft. So no A380 for Air Canada or WestJet

I wouldnt imagine WestJet with the A380, seeming that they are only starting to reach out internationally, well out of North America. They are considering however the 787, or even the 777 or A350.

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That makes no sense. 4 engine aircraft fly over Canadian airspace all the time, I dont see why Canadian carriers would be barred from owning 4 engine aircraft


Air Canada had 747s and A340s so where did you get this information?

2 days away, I’m thinking of a new livery announcement or some new hot destinations, or new aircraft?

@Damian @the777fan @MacGamer04 please stay on topic. I don’t really want this closed

I wouldn’t see the logic behind repainting an A320 family aircraft. I mean the 737 MAXs are coming in this year to replace the 25 year old A320s.

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Canada has a very high fly over and landing and takeoff fee, based off weight. That is why there is no super jumbos landing in Canada, as major of their flight will be in Canadian airspace, and they will have to land in Canada, which would cost a ton of money. There is a video by Wendover Productions called “Economics of air” or “5 freedoms of the air” on it, I don’t remember. No law, however.

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The 737’s are used to replace the E-190’s

Air Canada continues to evaluate the potential replacement of its Embraer E190 fleet with more cost efficient, larger narrowbody aircraft that are better suited to its current and future network strategy. Consistent with this strategy, the agreement with Boeing provides for Boeing to purchase up to 20 of the 45 Embraer E190 aircraft currently in Air Canada’s fleet. The E190 aircraft exiting the fleet will be initially replaced with larger narrowbody leased aircraft until the airline takes delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The company will be reviewing various options over the next six months for the remaining 25 Embraer E190 aircraft including continuing to operate them or replacing them with a yet to be determined number of aircraft in the 100 to 150 seat range.