Air Canada And Air Transat Break Merger Agreement

Air Canada / Air Transat Purchased Approved By Government

The Canadan government has approved the purchase of Air Transat to Air Canada, meaning the two airlines will merge to be come a larger air Canada.

The other Canadian airline, WestJet that said that this would propose a monopoly on fights over the Atlantic. It’s going to be interesting to see where this number for takes to Canadian aviation industry. These two airlines have been wanting to merge for a long time and today is finally the day where this will happen.

The airline says,

“It will be accompanied by strict conditions which will support future international competition, connectivity and protect jobs. We are confident these measures will be beneficial to travellers and the industry as a whole.”

Those conditions include: maintaining Transat’s head office and brand in Quebec; encouraging other airlines to take up former Transat routes to Europe; ensuring aircraft maintenance contracts remain in Canada, prioritizing Quebec over other provinces; launching new routes within five years; and committing 1,500 employees to the merged company’s new travel business.

The deal also stipulates that because Transat is now a subsidiary of Air Canada, it must provide bilingual services to customers across the country.

For me, while this is positive, it is going to be sad to see the Air Transat tail go.


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sad face

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Sad that air transat is gone, but an exciting prospect for Air canada, a321LRs which they can use to operate on trans-atlantic relieving pressure on their long haul fleet, that’s when market is back to 2017 levels. So long Air Transat!

They could still operate Transat as a seperate airline, kinda like rouge

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Could do, unlikely because of Covid. Everything is a bit uncertain, i wouldn’t start a new airline during this time.


Its gonna be interesting to see if AC keeps the NEOs and the orders or they do something like Alaska did and phase them out, either way very interesting!

Interesting tweet by Westjet…


Yea, monopolize for higher prices 🙃🙃

Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, noooo. Omg!

I think I smell a sudden Westjet European route expansion announcement coming soon

100%. I bet it’s going to be Zürich, Vienna, Amsterdam, or Copenhagen

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For WestJet, this probably is going to be slightly a better thing since it’s just going to illuminate another competition. As much as Air Canada will grow, Air Canada will never integrate all of Air Transat, it never happens like that

This is bad, like, really bad for the Canadian aviation industry.

AC is gonna monopolize and charge higher prices for routes no other Canadian carrier offers, and WestJet is still gonna be too small to step up to the plate and create sufficient market competition.

Besides, the more different tails to spot, the better, minus the World Tails of course.

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I feel like we’re back to square one with the acquiring of Canadi>n airlines in 2001 🙃☹️

You’ll be missed, Air Transat :(


Nooooooo. My cousin flew on the Air Transat A330 to Rome from YYZ. The livery looks so stunning and I’ll miss you Air Transat

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