Air Canada Airbus A330-300 (New Livery)

How this doesn’t have reached 20 votes yet ? It’s surely one of the best A333 liveries and very special as well.
Saw it many times on FT24 too , these last days.

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We have to have this Wonderfull livery, you’ve my vote !

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Unfortunately 10 votes for me is not enough for so many great liveries proposed in this category, but I hope this livery will be added when the time comes.

I think that this livery will be renewed on the upcoming rework.

Knowing that buildings will come before the A333 rework, it would be cool to be able to do that, once 21.2 is released !



The new livery looks very great on every aircrafts !!

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Please add this one for the A330 rework! :-)

Looks great!!

The Air Canada ‘bandit’ livery is at least my number 1 or 2 favorite liveries. (Not sure if it’s weird but I’m not even Canadian. 😂)

Lets go boys ;)



I see my shipment of maple syrup in there. Yum.