Air Canada Airbus A321 (New 2017 Livery)


Nice, bump up… ;)


Yes^^^ I like it actually ;-)

About the livery, for me it’s one of the ugliest livery in the world TBH


I want the new livery on all of the aircrafts also


Honestly I don’t like the mask on the new livery, but this grew onto me! Looks 100% beautiful on the A321 WE NEED THIS!


Amazing livery, wasn’t too sure about the black around the cockpit but it really has grown on me.😀


I would LOVE to have this in IF! :)


What a beautiful Livery on an amazing Aircraft!

I would love to see this make its way onto the simulator ;)


We need this FOR SURE!! It’s a beautiful livery!


With all of these new liveries being added, maybe this could be next! :)


Lets get some more votes on here! :)


I hope also that this livery will be added.


Infinite flight please get this livery it is one of the best Canadian airlines in the world😂


We need these votes! :)


Especially with all of these new A321 liveries being added, we NEED this livery! :)


Let’s give this wonderful livery a bump! It needs more attention, it’s so beautiful! Don’t you think? XD


Come on guys! This is such a brilliant livery! :)


This definitely just got my vote . Beautiful livery here ! This is certainly needed !


I think @schyllberg Will nail you if you keep bumping like that…or maybe it’s only me.


I think your right, maybe I should chill a bit… :)


I didn’t even know Air Canada had a A321!! It looks awesome though so I’ve voted