Air Canada Airbus A321 (New 2017 Livery)


From what I understood with the older planes with eyliners (i.e. 747-100) or even the current west jet 737s, the practical purpose is to prevent glare reflection


@PilotCat Do you it?


I mostly like it, except the black line in the front.


Personally I love the new livery, people just need to get used to the change is all


Um…I thought you hated Airbus…


I think he meant the livery, not the plane itself.


Yea, but if you hate Airbus, you fly a Airbus plane?..


I wouldn’t care about it, I just want to get to my destination no matter the plane I’m on.


Yes, but you aren’t PlaneCrazy. He says he hates Airbus, in his bio.


I do, but I Love the livery.


Apparently it symbolizes Canada’s indigenous birds.


Air Canada just got ugly


Eww it looks worse in the sun


IMHO it looks better in the sun. 😅


I’ve wondered this myself, but from what I’ve been able to read it seems to be purely aesthetics.


I love it - it makes everything look like an A350 with the shades😎


It sort of reminds me of Deltas livery.


I love it! Didn’t like it so much on the 787, but it suits the a321


I don’t like the black around the cockpit it just doesn’t look right.


I initially felt that way too, but it grew on me.