Air Canada Airbus A321 (New 2017 Livery)


Source: Photo credit to Gilbert Hechema

Air Canada new livery
New Air Canada Liveries

Wow, didn’t see the new livery! I do like it.


Looks like the plane is wearing a superhero mask lol, but I’m still preferring the previous livery.


I like how they mixed the old AC livery and the new one, but just looks, weird


OMG That is so beautiful! Wow!


Any other then the “face mask” look in the front I kinda like it!


Weren’t you the guy that posted this lol.


It looks heaps worse on that short A321. What were they thinking? That’s all I’m going to say.


Superhero and the black, just ew


It looks good but I prefer the old livery


Same with the 788, I like it though I don’t like the way AIRCANADA font looked, I prefer the older font.

Still I like it and it will be a nice addition imo


Whilst many didn’t, I loved the old livery so much! Nice livery but I still prefer the old one. A poll?

  • Old Livery
  • New Livery

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Hmmm. The old livery is so much more iconic and majestic. This looks bland.


Its Ugly, the shades just doesnt suit


It’s on the 787 as well!!
Oh my god… It doesn’t suit!
I loved the old livery!!


Literally love this livery so much. Think some of you are due an opticians appointment (’:


So cool! I really want this.


This livery is actually better than the previous one! 👌🏻


Does the “eyeliner” have any practical purpose?


I really like this new livery!